Saturday, February 08, 2020

Proposal: If you don’t Mind…

Self-killed. Josh
Added Fail icon, CB

Adminned at 09 Feb 2020 17:22:28 UTC

Add to the ruleset a new rule called “Ideas”:

Scientists have an amount of Jitteriness and can have Ideas, up to as many as their Jitteriness value. Jitteriness defaults to 3 and is tracked on the Scientists wikipage. Scientists default to having no Ideas. Ideas are privately tracked by the Liaison.

A Scientist can spend 500 Budget to Drink Coffee to increase their Jittierness by 1.

A Scientist can Brainstorm by paying 500 Budget and privately requesting to the Liaison an Idea. Such a request is a Brainstorm Request.

A Scientist can, if they haven’t since the latest Eureka, Execute an Idea by spending an Idea and privately requesting to the Liaison that they Execute that Idea, along privately informing them of the Targets they request for that Idea, if any. Such a request is an Execution Request.

Brainstorm Requests and Execution Requests can be Open or Closed and begin Open. This is privately tracked by the Liaison.

The Liaison can perform a Eureka by performing the following steps (in order) for each Scientist in the order of the highest Jitteriness Scientist to lowest (ties resolving randomly):
1 - For each Open Brainstorm Request of that Scientist, grant them a new instance of an Idea which is of a kind that is privately random to the Liaison.
2 - Then, Close all Brainstorm Requests of that Scientist.
3 - Then, if that Scientist has an Open Execution Request, perform the Effect of the Idea spent for that Execution Request, with the Target that was requested (if any).
4 - Then, Close all Execution Requests of that Scientist.

A Eureka can only performed twice per week at most. The Liaison is encouraged to privately inform Scientists of their Ideas upon that Scientist requesting such information.

The following are all of the kinds of Ideas, and their Effect, if any:
- Mull Again: Target up to any amount of your own Ideas. Those Targetted Ideas are replaced with new instances of Ideas which are of kinds that are privately random to the Liaison.


Darknight: HE/HIM

02-08-2020 18:58:47 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

02-08-2020 19:56:57 UTC


Not super fond of the secrecy aspect and the resulting dependence on waltham, but its a starting point.

I do want the random wacky inventions though


02-08-2020 20:42:06 UTC

against I’ve read this a few times and haven’t really gotten a handle on what an Idea is.


02-08-2020 20:43:52 UTC

You have “no idea”?


02-08-2020 21:30:38 UTC



Tantusar: HE/THEY

02-08-2020 22:12:49 UTC

against redraft and go again


02-08-2020 23:00:52 UTC

Redraft what though? What would you like changed?

Tantusar: HE/THEY

02-08-2020 23:36:05 UTC

I think I like the concept but I can’t tell exactly what I’m looking at. Redraft the whole thing.

Josh: HE/HIM

02-08-2020 23:43:46 UTC

against I’m worried that this is going to feel too similar to last dynasty. Kinda want to steer away from collectables.


02-08-2020 23:45:41 UTC

imperial Seems okay from here, it’s a “draw and play cards via the Emperor” kind of mechanic that’s possibly adding more dramatic keywords than it needs to.

“Privately random” should be “secretly”.

Brendan: HE/HIM

02-09-2020 16:09:04 UTC



02-09-2020 16:31:02 UTC

against speed