Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proposal: Items

Self-killed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 19 May 2009 04:06:25 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule called ‘Items’ with the following text:

There exists a category in the GNDT called ‘Items’, which contains a list of the current Items held by a Contestant. The wiki page “Items” is considered a Gamestate document and contains the properties of all legal Items. Items have the following properties:

Name - what the Item is called
Description - a description of the item.
Notation - the two letter code used in the GNDT to signify this item
Location - where the Item can be found.
Item Get - how to obtain the item
Condition - when you can use the item
Item Use - what happens when you use the item

Items carried by a Contestant are tracked in the GNDT under ‘Items’ in a list using the Notation property of that item as in the wikia page, separated by commas. A Contestant can carry a number of items less than or equal to the value of their Fame statistic plus 1, this number is their ‘Item Limit’ (but is not tracked in the GNDT). Items can be ‘obtained’ by a Contestant who fulfills the requirements from the ‘Item Get’ property of that item, and whose current Location is the same as the ‘Location’ property of the item, if the Location is N/A the Location has no impact on whether a Contestant can obtain the item , and who has not already got a number of items tracked in the GNDT equal to their Item Limit. A Contestant can not obtain two items simultaneously. When a Contestant ‘obtains’ an item, they add that item’s Notation to the list tracked in the GNDT. As a daily action, a Contestant may ‘use’ an item in their Item list (under the GNDT) if they fulfil the ‘Condition’ property of that item. To ‘use’ an item, the Contestant removes that item’s Notation from their Items list on the GNDT, and carries out the ‘effects’ under the ‘Item Use’ property of that Item. Items can be added to the wikia page ‘Items’ by a proposal clearly showing all of the properties of the item (and which title they come under).

If at least half of the votes on this proposal include the word ‘Pipe’:
Add the following item to the wikia page ‘Items’:

Name: Metal Pipe
Description: A Pipe made from Metal.
Notation: MP
Location: N/A
Item Get: The Contestant must be an Outsider, the Contestant must not currently have ‘MP’ in their Items.
Condition: The Contestant must be an Outsider
Item Use: The Contestant using this item makes a post to the blog, describing their use of the item, and naming the Contestant they wish to use the item on, this Contestant is the ‘Usee’. The Usee may not perform actions permitted or required by Dynastic rules for 24 hours after the post is made. The post must contain the phrase ‘Metal Pipe’.

I hope this is okay, it would be nice to be able to have usable items in this dynasty, I hope I haven’t missed anything crucial!



05-17-2009 16:48:31 UTC

imperial Err…we kind of have item-type things already…


05-17-2009 16:51:15 UTC

Yeah but rewards that do things will be quite special and individual, as opposed to normal items (perhaps the item given is a bit overpowered).. :)


05-17-2009 17:05:05 UTC

“The Usee may not perform actions required by Dynastic rules”


05-17-2009 17:38:35 UTC

Bucky, if you don’t use the word ‘Pipe’ in your vote, that part of the proposal doesn’t happen. Oh also, even Rewards with abilities don’t do anything as far as the Ruleset is concerned.


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05-17-2009 21:22:40 UTC

This is an important test comment, for some spading that I am trying to do with the comment tracker. Continue as you were.


05-17-2009 21:33:59 UTC

Also, CoV against


05-17-2009 22:03:41 UTC



05-17-2009 22:34:07 UTC

against S/K noone wants items.


05-17-2009 23:08:11 UTC

I like most of it, actually, but the comma splices make things too confusing.


05-18-2009 01:46:54 UTC

I find it ironic that something as simple and common as usable items takes so much complicated legalese to implement.


05-18-2009 03:36:44 UTC

I think that is the nature of nomic.  I am not against usable items - I don’t like the pipe and I am with Bucky on the idea that forbidding that which is required creates problems.


05-18-2009 09:12:45 UTC


Ienpw III:

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05-18-2009 20:17:46 UTC

This has been Self-Killed. . . .


05-18-2009 21:22:03 UTC

veto self-killed