Tuesday, June 19, 2018

join next dynasty

it’s a little early but I thought “better early than late”. I’d like to become a player in Derrick’s dynasty (“announcing your arrival and your formal intention to become a player”), so yeah. Heard you had to make a blog post. Out of Derrick’s three ideas, I do like the idea of cards, though it’d be tricky if you had to program a “deck of cards” that is able to be shuffled, and for people to draw through.


derrick: he/him

19-06-2018 15:48:47 UTC

you have been added, and your GNDT password has been PM’d to you.

We have 8 Sailors, and Quorum is 5.

I don’t think sooner rather than later is a problem at all!

Its looking like most people want to try the cards. That’s the most ambitious concept, and I’m glad to have buy in. I’m actually going to start out with a fairly weak card mechanic and hope to iron it out with you folks. I think that an ideal dynasty should end with a valid game as its rule-set. Cards will be hard to do properly. We (or I) could in fact code cards into the GNDT or another tool, I suppose, but I’m planning to start with a Ruler Driven mechanism.


19-06-2018 15:55:59 UTC

My I be un-idled aswell?

derrick: he/him

19-06-2018 16:07:38 UTC

You have been added. We have 9 Sailors. Quorum is still 5.