Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Story Post: Judging: 04 June 2024

Clearly, the frying pan was the most suitable weapon of choice for this situation.

  1. Lazaro kept a gun in his desk drawer, but if things got out of hand the rounds would cut through a whole corridor of these cheap office walls, and he’d grown to like some of the tenants here. A blunter and less harmful instrument would clean this up. He put down his coffee and stepped calmly to the kitchenette, a stove and refrigerator between two dented filing cabinets. “Sure, I still have the Juneau dossier here.” he lied, “Is that what your boss is so fired up about?”
  2. The throwing knives didn’t have enough raw power. The plasma grenades were too harmful, and she couldn’t risk extra casualties. The shotgun would draw too much attention. But nobody would expect a frying pan. Her weapon chosen, June flung open the doors of the armory and entered
  3. With a mighty swing, June brought her pan down upon the bigger skunk fly with a wet crunch. As she shook the remains of the fly off, June watched its mate retreat, its panicked buzzing echoing in the distance. “Skunk flies,” June muttered to herself “Anyone who claims they aren’t harmful should come out here and try gathering swamp beets from their nest and then tell me they just smell bad.”
  4. The sheer power it had was amazing, even without harmful intentions. With one hit, the intruder’s body fell to the floor. June took a step back and examined the windows. With almost a perfect circle cut through the glass, this was no ordinary break-and-enter. The thief’s limp body on the floor z beneath her was still warm, so she tied it up with a conveniently placed string of sausages and threw it out the front for the police force to find when they did their daily drive-by.
  5. As the giant chicken decendened upon the village, June picked up the skillet and stared down the fowl beast. “Hey buddy” she called out to the harmful monster, raising the weapon to attack. “How bout you… break an egg”


Darknight: he/him

04-06-2024 21:16:50 UTC

Ooh this batch is going to be tough to score

Nad: he/him

05-06-2024 22:32:35 UTC

Nice selection of work. Don’t have anything in this judging but happy to offer my scoring to you all. Like that you have film noir, swamp beets and giant chickens!

Clucky: he/him

06-06-2024 00:22:17 UTC

I like the skunk flies. Very whimsical

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

09-06-2024 08:05:44 UTC

This Judging is Closed