Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proposal: Keep your hands off my stuff

Passes 9-3, but only 5 for the rider. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 28 Aug 2009 13:10:20 UTC

Insert a new dynastic rule, called “Inventory”, as follows:

There is a column in the GNDT called “Inventory”.  Each Survivor’s Inventory tracks each Item held by that Survivor.  If a particular Item is listed on a particular Survivor’s “Inventory” in the GNDT, then that Survivor is considered to be that item’s Holder.  Survivors may only become or cease to become Holders of Items by proposal or as the ruleset or gamestate permits.  A Survivor who is the Holder of an Item may, unless prohibited by the ruleset or gamestate, voluntarily transfer the Item to another Survivor by updating the GNDT to delete the Item from his own Inventory and adding it to the other Survivor’s Inventory.

There is a wiki page called “Inventory Items”, the content which may only be changed by proposal or as the ruleset or gamestate permits.  The “Inventory Items” page lists each Item of Inventory and describes the gamestate effects that relate to that Item.

The Leader may, but is not required to, make a story post entitled “Item Suggestions”.  Any Survivor may post comments to that story post, suggesting particular Items (and their gamestate effects) for addition to the Inventory Items page.

The Leader may, as a daily action, add Items (and their gamestate effects) to the Inventory Items page.

If a majority of the Effective Vote Comments to this Proposal include the phrase “Stuff it”, then add the following Items to the Inventory Items page:

* Bucket.  When the Holder of the Bucket Eats and Drinks, the Holder decreases the Food and Water by DICE10 (rather than DICE5) and increases the Holder’s own Stamina by DICE10 (rather than DICE5).
* Barbell.  If the Holder of the Barbell works out and passes its fitness test, the Holder may increase their fitness by DICE15 (rather than DICE10).

Naturally, we’re going to need shotguns and chainsaws.



08-26-2009 22:04:29 UTC

for  Stuff it


08-26-2009 22:09:26 UTC

for Stuff it. This is amazingly similar to the Mutations idea I was posting at the same time, they can probably live simultaneously though.

This doesn’t yet suggest any way one might become a Holder; we’ll have to work on that.


08-26-2009 22:09:35 UTC

CoV against  Italics does not cause flavor text anymore. To do flavor text, you need to enter your flavor text into the box labeled “flavor text” (right below “admin”).


08-26-2009 22:09:59 UTC

Posted at the same time as Qwaz.


08-26-2009 22:11:21 UTC

CoV again against  Stuff it; in case this does pass.


08-26-2009 22:12:24 UTC

Tis okay, we can have an Item called “Naturally.” Won’t be any more unusual than the stuff we normally have.


08-26-2009 22:14:18 UTC



08-26-2009 22:17:21 UTC

CoV for  per Qwazukee.


08-26-2009 23:29:04 UTC

for CoV


08-26-2009 23:50:34 UTC



08-26-2009 23:59:06 UTC



08-27-2009 00:22:18 UTC

CoV for  Stuff it


08-27-2009 02:45:08 UTC



08-27-2009 04:45:44 UTC

against  I like my games simple :)


08-27-2009 04:59:51 UTC

for Stuff it.

You’re in the wrong place Excalabur.


08-27-2009 07:15:02 UTC

Amnistar: not at all.  This is complicated but doesn’t accomplish much.


08-27-2009 13:15:51 UTC


Ienpw III:

08-27-2009 16:55:31 UTC

imperial Stuff it.


08-27-2009 20:03:04 UTC

against per Excalibur i don’t like when the gndt gets too large, and I think we have other good ideas

Stuff it.