Thursday, November 10, 2005

Component Keywords: Old Powers faded away

As a result of the enactment of Words are the Key the following powers were removed for having components using the same keywords, and their owners were reimbursed the quintessence:

Odin(2): Rune: Hagalaz (Holy Day-Fire-Sign-Miracle-Phenomenon-Wrath-Smite-Flood-Brimstone), Rune: Tiwaz (Sign-Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Inspire-Smite)

False Odin(2): Meteo (Festival-Leader-Sign-Miracle-Brimstone), O-Tsunami (Sign-Miracle-Flood)

Mithras(3): Tooth-for-Tooth (Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Smite), Rebirth (Holy Day-Fire-Sign-Phenomenon-Transmorphing), Elevate (Mob-Awe-Aura)

Chronos(5): Adoration (Mob-Priest-Awe-Inspire), Warming Wrath (Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Radiate), Status Quo (Mob-Priest-Awe-Smite), Wrath Funelling (Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Universal-Fire-Channeling), Awesome Adoration (Priest-Awe-Inspire)

Enki(1): Extension (Priest-Mob-Holy-Day-Inspire)

Om(2): Adoration (Mob-Priest-Awe-Inspire), Proselytism (Mob-Priest-Awe-Sign-Convert)


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