Thursday, December 03, 2009

Killing things in their sleep

I was under the impression that as long as no one had commented, I could change my post… Wakukee wasn’t acting on the current revision of that post below when he Adminned it.



12-03-2009 00:43:48 UTC

Also, what the heck happened to my post time? I didn’t post that several hours ago…


12-03-2009 00:44:25 UTC

Sorry, my bad. When I saw it it was still a proposal, so I made it illegal. I got distracted and took a while to finish, though. Doesn’t really make any difference, though.


12-03-2009 00:45:59 UTC

It looks like there’s a GMT offset to PST… is this a known issue?


12-03-2009 00:47:20 UTC

When did you open the tab?


12-03-2009 00:47:44 UTC

Whenever you opened the tab is when it considers to be the post time.


12-03-2009 00:47:52 UTC

About 15-20 minutes ago.


12-03-2009 00:48:18 UTC

Look at the time for your revision. It says your revision is that old too. It’s a time zone issue.


12-03-2009 00:57:03 UTC

It keeps the origional time despite any revisions. And Time Zones do not effect it, so I would guess it was a matter of clicking the date information when you were trying to blank it. It looks like it took you 5 tries to do so, so I have no problem believing that you accidentally clicked it while looking for how to blank it.


12-03-2009 01:02:44 UTC

No, here’s the thing… the time is EXACTLY right, for PST… and all I did was change the Category tab. The Date tab is a separate place. Don’t believe me? Check the revision tab for this post.. it says it’s from “yesterday” as far as GMT is concerned, about 4:30 PM… but we know it’s from “today”.


12-03-2009 09:56:52 UTC

The server’s in the pacific timezone, and we may have missed an offset somewhere.  life goes on.