Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Story Post: Let’s Try Out This System We Have Here

A prominent Investor, an eccentric Yugoslavian woman, wishes to sell her 20 shares in Bananasoft and her 15 shares in X Express.

The Market will check the gndt this Thursday (afternoon-ish) to see who offers the most. If an Order Up-type proposal has passed by then, I’ll keep selling to the highest bidder until I’ve sold enough. If not, I’ll disregard Investors who wish to buy more than the above amounts.

We should probably have some kind of mechanic that ‘forces’ me to sell shares in sets of 10 or so, as it’s hard to be impartial otherwise.



26-04-2011 07:35:10 UTC

Also, to speed things up a bit, I may accept other offers that are at least as good as the winning bids after the bidding has ended. Offers for 5-15 Shares are more likely to be accepted than those that leave the buyer with complete control over a Corporation.


26-04-2011 07:58:03 UTC

MMh. We should make a prop to let you buy/sell only from the best offerent. With Order up going on, I won’t try. :P
We could anyway trust you, since as the emperor I don’t expect you to ally with someone. We cold add it as a should rule…
Or, you could give a random 5% of corporation to any investor, and then sell the rest in small batches like now.


26-04-2011 07:58:19 UTC

*every, not any Investor


26-04-2011 08:15:01 UTC

One problem with that is that as soon as I sell the 51st Share of any Corporation, its Shareholders presumably gain a considerable amount of power. Whether I sell or not, I end up favouring one group of players over the other. I should also be wary of selling shares too quickly, because slower and new Investors will want to buy some, too.

Also, it’s looking like Investors will need to buy some Shares before they can do anything else in this dynasty, and having them wait for approval and an action on my end will get tedious quickly.


26-04-2011 10:48:51 UTC

I will bid $6 Per share for bananasoft


26-04-2011 12:15:46 UTC

For the record: I will only count orders placed in the GNDT and will disregard any promises made in these comments.


26-04-2011 15:04:46 UTC

I’m all for anything that will finally start things moving.


27-04-2011 07:22:52 UTC

What will you do in case of ties?


28-04-2011 13:17:06 UTC

Ely, lilomar and Travis bid the highest with 11, 10 and 27 Credits per share.


28-04-2011 13:18:38 UTC

If Subrincinator corrects their Order (by adding the dollar sign), I’ll happily sell them 10 stocks. As a rule of thumb, the more an Investor offers per share, the more shares I’ll be willing to sell to them.