Monday, May 23, 2016

Proposal: Make It Snappy

Reached quorum 3 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 23 May 2016 23:05:14 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Photos”:-

Hunters may take Photos, hosting them on whatever website or social media service they wish.

A Photo is Confirmed if it contains an authentic handwritten appearance (taken as part of the photograph) of the Merriam Webster Word of the Day for the day on which the photograph was taken, or the preceding day (per

Enact a new rule, “Targets”:-

The following is a list of Targets in the game:-

  • The Shabaka Stone at the British Museum, London.

If a Hunter makes a blog post that includes a Confirmed Photo of a Target (embedded as a visible image), they may strike that Target through by editing this rule. Struck-through Targets are no longer considered to be Targets.


Josh: HE/HIM

05-23-2016 12:44:01 UTC

for I’m afk for the next day or so; could a kind admin unidle me? Thanks!


05-23-2016 13:03:38 UTC

Sure, you’re unidled. Also, I unidled shortly before the AA, but I can’t participate in this Dynasty at all so, idling again. Whoops.

Quorum is three, by the end of that.


05-23-2016 14:14:43 UTC

Just looking at it the majority of people active are American so wouldn’t it be logical to set it there? Or go with more non-specific things that exist multiple places? As is it seems like almost everyone will have to idle.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-23-2016 14:33:38 UTC

The last dynasty ended with proposals timing out and me winning because the two other active players didn’t stop me - it didn’t feel like anyone was active very much, right now.

No reason why this couldn’t become about capturing generic objects. Or having a few rival cities, or Londoners versus some Americans using Google Street View, somehow.

Brendan: HE/HIM

05-23-2016 17:46:26 UTC

I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to have a dynasty where the core play is explicitly limited to the people who are active within, say, 48 hours of the AA. Other players can join and propose things and vote, but a strong rule (and hand on the veto button) to make sure that only the original set was eligible for victory could be an interesting constraint. In this case that could dovetail with limited locations.

Brendan: HE/HIM

05-23-2016 17:47:31 UTC

oh also for


05-23-2016 18:17:54 UTC

@brendan I wouldn’t be against that kind of idea. It might not be the best for getting new members but we generally don’t pick up that many through a dynasty anyways.