Saturday, December 05, 2009

Proposal: Making spells with U easier to cast

S/K -Darth

Adminned at 05 Dec 2009 14:18:21 UTC

Add the following to Rule 2.5.1, “Basic Spells”:

The spell U-Collapse has “ROAST” as its activation sequence. Its effect is “Change any subsequence of your Workbench consisting entirely of ‘U’ to become one ‘U’.”

The idea is that if you have UUUU, you can change it to just U with this spell.



12-05-2009 15:49:44 UTC

for With the associated peril that you could be immediately smacked up with U-decay. Nice.


12-05-2009 16:02:46 UTC

I wonder how hard it would be to write a program that, given an initial workbench and a target workbench, would output the shortest list of actions that would need to be taken to get from the initial to the target.


12-05-2009 16:03:24 UTC

Hmm… maybe some sort of genetic programming…

Apathetic Lizardman:

12-05-2009 17:12:47 UTC

@DC: I doubt it would be hard. Maybe if I have the time I can write a shell script on my Linux program. Or at least I’ll try anyway. I would try it in JavaScript but I can’t remember specifics.


12-05-2009 17:21:44 UTC

I’m currently writing a GP-based one in Ruby.


12-05-2009 21:36:50 UTC



12-05-2009 21:57:20 UTC

@Qwaz: Why?


12-05-2009 22:09:56 UTC

“Consisting entirely of ‘U’” to me means a single U. But if everyone else disagrees, then whatever.


12-05-2009 22:16:04 UTC

I agree with Qwaz, this rule would not do anything. “Consisting entirely of ‘U’ runes” would change the workbench.


12-05-2009 22:17:56 UTC

against  s/k per Qwaz


12-05-2009 22:19:08 UTC

This comment was made after the post was adminned using DOOM POWAHS.


12-05-2009 22:20:28 UTC

against per qwaz. its wording means ur workbench would have just one rune or at the least lower how many runes ya have. so if your bench reads, to use NOI as an example, TXPORUUUU (not includeing the spell) it would, in my view, change to TXPORU.


12-05-2009 22:21:59 UTC

what aer doom power?s