Monday, December 15, 2008

Metadynastic Proposal?

There’s a big chance that we will end with a metadynasty next. Because of that, I’d like to propose having a contest for the next dynasty just after it. Something really simple: a poll where each player gets to propose a theme for a dynasty and then vote on the idea each likes the most other than their own. People who do not vote after a set period of time has elapsed will be counted as issuing random votes on the proposed ideas. Or maybe each player can pick to propose more than one idea, and also get more than 1 vote too? Or something like that. What do you guys think?



15-12-2008 15:30:56 UTC

How is there a big chance that we will end in a metadynasty with Rodlen so far in the positive side?


15-12-2008 15:39:26 UTC

You said I was losing after The Questioning.

My big gain of 3 relationship points might have helped, though.


15-12-2008 15:46:31 UTC

Just because I said you might not win doesn’t necessarily mean that it will end with a metadynasty.

Hello Sailor:

15-12-2008 15:57:04 UTC

Anyway, to address Arthexis:  why don’t we just let the metadynasty decide a winner?

arthexis: he/him

15-12-2008 15:59:30 UTC

@HS: Well, actually that is what I am proposing: That the theme of the metadynasty be a contest where the winner becomes the new emperor.

Hello Sailor:

15-12-2008 16:17:23 UTC

Ah, that’s a clearer explanation.  I was thinking “A metadynasty (or any dynasty) is sort of already a contest to determine the next emperor.”  But making that the explicit theme is what you are suggesting.  That makes sense, but I’m not sure how fun the metadynasty would be in that case.  I’m sure we can come up with a theme for the metadynasty that is fun and doesn’t require an emperor.


15-12-2008 16:29:39 UTC

I modestly propose myself as the next Incubator, and all of you are my unborn chick-a-dees. You shall compete for your robotic mommy’s love.

This shall be our metadynasty.

Or Russian Roulette. Last man to die wins!


15-12-2008 17:05:05 UTC

How about a Survivor metadynasty?  Team Evil and Team Good go head-to-head to make each other vote their members out of contention.


15-12-2008 17:25:51 UTC

That could be neat, but it would take quite a while…


15-12-2008 18:17:35 UTC

Eljefe: The whole point of a metadynasty is that no one is in charge.  There is no emperor.

Bucky: Not sure, but you might need a neutral player in order to take and tally the votes.  If so, that would require an emperor.


15-12-2008 18:21:33 UTC

Oh I know. I just wanted to pitch a ridiculous idea.

Anyhow, I figure the whole point of a metadynasty is that you don’t plan it.


15-12-2008 18:36:12 UTC

How ‘bout a ‘Battle of the Nomics’ metadynasty where the three civilizations of Blo, Gno and Mic battle for supremacy, following local Constitutions underneath the Supreme Ruleset.


15-12-2008 18:49:19 UTC

That… would be awesome.


15-12-2008 18:49:52 UTC

I suppose the supreme ruleset would be analogous to the laws of physics.


15-12-2008 19:09:48 UTC

Or let the supreme ruleset be like intl law, it only counts if the other nations are willing to enforce it.


15-12-2008 19:36:40 UTC

I think the Battle of the Nomics should eventually become an independent nomic, in and of itself.


15-12-2008 19:45:04 UTC

I can imagine. The United Empire of Gno has seceded from BlogNomic and hopes to gain recognition as an independent nomic. The World Council of Nomics is considering the case, but the Chiefdom of Blo and the Zebraic Theocracy of Mic threaten with Internomicial War if the plans go ahead.


15-12-2008 19:49:19 UTC

You forgot Poland.


15-12-2008 20:10:19 UTC

That sounds like fun.  A dynasty in which other nomics are created and compete against one another for the title of top nomic.  We can even invite outside nomics like bnomic and agora if we feel so inclined.  Then it could really be the battle of the best nomic.


15-12-2008 20:34:56 UTC



15-12-2008 20:37:58 UTC

Oh, and don’t forget that the DDA will be trying to fix the mess that Gno’s secession causes.


15-12-2008 20:46:51 UTC

A chill wind just blew through my bones…


15-12-2008 20:49:06 UTC

Do not fear the DDA.

They are only here to help…by killing people and bombing things.

Actually, thinking about it, fear the DDA.


15-12-2008 23:31:37 UTC

I really think we shouldn’t invite B or Agora, they’ll kick our asses.

arthexis: he/him

15-12-2008 23:43:14 UTC

I am also in favor of the Battle of BloGnoMic, I am sure we could propose something to make it work. Maybe create special types of rules which apply only to citizens in one of the three factions?

arthexis: he/him

15-12-2008 23:43:49 UTC

I even imagine a banner like:

Blo vs Gno vs Mic

Or something to that effect.


16-12-2008 03:11:01 UTC

BloGnoMic dynasty may be a problem:

“This rule from Rodlen’s Mic group says that Rodlen is the winner of this dynasty.”


16-12-2008 03:43:55 UTC

But the rule would still somehow have to be voted (or otherwise added to the ruleset) by the Mic dynasty.


16-12-2008 03:44:08 UTC

Mic nomic, rather.


16-12-2008 09:26:22 UTC



16-12-2008 17:01:04 UTC

The Supreme Ruleset would state that the local rulesets could not contain victory conditions.

Idea: Each Civilization could battle for ‘Proposal Points’ which they could spend to alter their local rulesets.


We need an experienced nomicker to guide us through this if we go ahead with it. The Supreme Ruleset would have to have strict guidelines on how powerful the subordinate rulesets can be.


16-12-2008 17:04:13 UTC


Supreme Ruleset (defines parameters of lower rulesets)

Blo Constitution|Gno Charter|Mic Charter


16-12-2008 19:00:34 UTC

I sense a problem. Mic could enact a proposal which would essentially destroy Gno.


16-12-2008 19:43:26 UTC

The Supreme Ruleset could prohibit such an action.


16-12-2008 20:37:49 UTC

They can’t do something so vague. There are billions of possible rules to destroy another Nomic, such as the Risho Death.


16-12-2008 21:52:46 UTC

Besides, that’s why it would be called the Battle of the Nomics.  Whoever comes out on top, wins.

Darknight: he/him

16-12-2008 23:43:06 UTC

lol wheres Kevan when ya need a vet nomic-ker


17-12-2008 01:41:49 UTC

Add a rule stating that any Nomic that has a rule with a certain title and text is considered to be a competitor.  The Blognomic ruleset cannot be altered by any competitor nor can Blognomic alter any competitor’s ruleset.

Then, create 3 separate Nomics, Blo, Gno, and Mic, each containing at least the rule specified to make it a competitor.

Each player within Blognomic has an allegiance statistic that can only be changed once.


17-12-2008 02:21:49 UTC

I have an idea for maybe the fifth metadynasty: hide-and-seek nomic.

Each player has a Location with the exception of one player who is designated the Seeker. The Seeker has to guess the Location of every other player within a time limit to win. If e fails, the player will be decided among those who remain “hidden”.


17-12-2008 03:37:33 UTC

I like the hide & seek idea. Seeker seems almost like an emperor though.

Initially, it strikes me that a metadynasty needs a certain everyone for himself kind of feel.

I still like Russian Roulette. That’s the definition of “every man for himself.”

I think another good question is, “Why was the werewolf nomic so acclaimed (and tense)?”

Darknight: he/him

17-12-2008 03:40:53 UTC

In the werewolf dynasty noone knew who was human, who was a werewolf or even who was winning for that matter. If Kevan (the one who ran it) pops on he’ll be able to fill ya in better, even though most of the actives, myself included, were a part of it lol.


17-12-2008 03:54:18 UTC

I’ve got it—

Anarchists. There’s an old quote to the effect that “everyone loves hierarchy; when anarchists get together, the first thing they do is elect a hierarchy.” And it’s true. Organizations built around disorder love order.

So let’s all be anarchists. Winner is elected President of the Eighth International.

Or, the anarchists can be electing who has to perform a certain mission in the endgame. The missions align with the character attributes. All of the survivors of their final missions get to elect the winner.

Why is the last part a curveball? Because people have an incentive to vote unqualified people into missions to get them killed, but qualified people into missions if they think they’ll have their favor in the election.

Or some such. Huzzah!

arthexis: he/him

17-12-2008 06:18:19 UTC

Expanding on Yoda’s last idea: We can create a rule that says that three virtual nomics exist, each one has its own ruleset and everything, however their gamestates do not overlap (meaning they cannot change the other rules, or change who is winning in the real nomic). You can make special “virtual” proposals that would be voted only on your faction, and regular proposals will go as normal to the real ruleset. That way we can keep making balanced rules on the main ruleset (which can affect the virtual ones).

arthexis: he/him

17-12-2008 06:19:31 UTC

If you guys want I can make a draft on the main rule for that one.


17-12-2008 06:59:54 UTC

If wasted effort is strawberries we’re all going to be drinking a lot of smoothies when Rodlen wins this.


17-12-2008 15:46:16 UTC

Actually, if I win, I’ll make a metadynasty easy to enter through some method.

Hello Sailor:

17-12-2008 15:56:15 UTC

Not wasted, I think.  This is an excellent idea that a lot of people seem to be interested in, so I’m sure it will be done eventually, even if Rodlen wins and chooses another theme (and I certainly hope there would be no animosity in that case).  It’s also the sort of idea that’s really important to do properly from the outset, and all this brainstorming will help out whoever does eventually choose it as a theme.

arthexis: he/him

17-12-2008 20:35:29 UTC

Not that he is gonna win, anyways ;) (Remember the Secret Rule!)

arthexis: he/him

18-12-2008 17:17:18 UTC

So, do we all agree in the metadynastic theme? If a metadynasty starts I’ll propose my draft, making the modifications that where suggested on the thread.

Kevan: he/him

18-12-2008 17:54:40 UTC

“Why was the werewolf nomic so acclaimed (and tense)?”

I’m sure a lot of it came from the fortunate quality of players and mechanics, but I think it got a lot of automatic drama from simple fact that you could be murdered overnight (or accused during the day!). That’s a big encouragement to keep checking the blog, and a good incentive to do what you can to defend yourself.

It also had some of Werewolf’s unhealthy encouragement to keep talking. If you sit back and don’t add anything useful to the conversation about how to unmask the werewolves - if you haven’t been voting on helpful anti-werewolf proposals - you’ll quickly end up under suspicion.

I think having an active Emperor helped, as well. Although it can be risky having rules that rely on the Emperor processing and posting things, it can pay off for keeping the action moving, and keeping the theme strong.


18-12-2008 17:59:45 UTC

We should thank Rodney for the Battle of the Nomics idea, which he posted in the Dynasty before last, I think..


18-12-2008 19:44:26 UTC

Suggestion: When one of the nomics wins, the person with the highest score from that nomic wins.


18-12-2008 20:44:53 UTC


1. Beginning: Start out with tribes. The tribes of Blo, Gno, and Mic contain all the players and a Strong Man/King/Dictator. This person is a mini-emperor of the mini-blog.

The dictator/chief is primarily there to facilitate the drafting of the initial rulesets for each state.

The three team captains should be those with the highest absolute value of (PP x Relationship). Only fair.

2. Ending: Let each of the three states determine who will win if their individual nomic wins on its own. This promotes palace intrigue.

For example, Gno can have a rule that if Gno wins, the emperor of Gno is the individual winner. Right before Gno wins, one of the citizens might stage a coup to become emperor of Gno. Other states might facilitate this process to seed dissent.


18-12-2008 21:15:59 UTC

I like Suggestion 2.


18-12-2008 21:48:11 UTC

If we do this, I’d try to make whichever nomic I’m in into a communist State…


18-12-2008 23:25:00 UTC

Suggestion 1 would put the team captains as Oze, Amnistar, and I.

Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 00:15:09 UTC

Buwha?  Absolute value Rod, those super negatives beat us out.