Sunday, June 11, 2017

Story Post: Mission Hand-in: Establishing A Dig Site

orkboi has successfully completed this mission as its participant.


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-13-2017 18:44:17 UTC

As has been pointed out by Sphinx on Slack, this isn’t a valid Hand-In post, as the Explorer who posted it wasn’t a Participant in the Mission.


06-14-2017 22:44:48 UTC

It doesn’t matter. Card wasn’t a participant, but that Hand-in was created by a Call for Judgement ( ), and hence it is proper gamestate.

When a Mission’s Goal has been met, any Explorer (who is a Participant of that Mission’s Goal) can set that Mission’s Status from “Pending” to “Completed” with a “Mission Hand-in” public blog post, which must state the Mission and Participants involved.

The Expedition Leader may then Stamp a Mission Hand-in post, by making a comment to that post [...]

My conclusion is: This is a proper Mission Hand-in post, and Sphinx can STAMP it and distribute de reward.

However, the mission “Establishing A Dig Site” cannot be marked as Completed, because the Call for Judgement didn’t state it should be marked as Completed, and no Participant marked it as Completed with a Mission Hand-in post.


06-14-2017 22:46:55 UTC

On second thoughts: since the Mission wasn’t marked as Completed when Card posted this Mission Hand-in, I believe Orkboi is entitled to post a new Mission hand-in; and if Sphinx STAMPs both Mission hand-ins, then Orkboi should receive the reward twice.


06-15-2017 16:16:35 UTC

Oh, I see, I missed that it was the result of a CfJ, in that case I think you’re correct.


06-15-2017 16:17:24 UTC