Sunday, December 01, 2019

[Monster] Final Boss

I have 1 Bulk and 3 Rotting Presence Monstrosities.

In an incredible display of pyrotechnics, TyGuy6 and the terrible, burning visage of card blasted one another, the dual flames roaring in a Kamehameha-style showdown. With Kevan’s blade as a distraction, card was overcome, and his allies-once-more dug his pale body from the heap of cinders left in the devil creature’s wake.

The trio then gathered around the great sacrificial casualty that was Duke.

“I sense the power of evil rising once more,” quoth the Priest, “This time more powerful than any of the others.” Above the corpse he waved his wand, below which light, golden chains held up a dish of fragrant incense.

“You must not let even death resist your purpose,” he spoke. And Duke awoke.

The spirits of the three previous devils made the walls creak and the floorboards moan. Duke stood again, filled with light, to face again his past dark self. “I adjure thee, spirit, begone!” A wail was heard from the halls, but two howls grew louder, not quieter, as the two remaining demon spirits visibly rushed forth to claim again their past victims, as it seemed!

“Away!” Duke cried.

The demons stopped, then, perched at the breasts of card and Kevan. Their eyes swung round to the fourth, unharrowed, strong man. Reaching in, they took some dark aspect out of their previous victims, wrenched it forth, (as card and Kevan fell to their knees,) and, combining their powers, dove headlong into TyGuy6’s carriage with a scream!

His body appeared to shrivel, and, allies looking on, he crumpled to the floor. Then his head alone arose, and they could witness his engorged eyes now beaming with a hungry, dreadful light.



12-01-2019 06:38:25 UTC

One eye was blood red, the other a flaming green.