Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Proposal: More tomes

Timed out (3-5)
Failed by Hix

Adminned at 16 Nov 2006 20:52:47 UTC

Add the following tomes to the list in Rule 2.7.1:

Nine Princes in Amber(2 copies)
Walk the Pattern
Circumstances:This spell may be cast once per Dynasty per Student
Consequences:The Student who casts this spell rolls “2DICE6 2DICE7 2DICE8” in the GNDT.  If any of the rolls is 10 or above, eir name is added to the Lost List.  Otherwise, eir Mythos Knowledge becomes 20 and e choses a tome with unlimited copies and gains a copy of that tome.  Either way, e loses eir copy of this Tome.

Beginner Guide to Soul Magic
Soul Blast
Circumstances: This Spell may be cast if the student casting it has a Sanity greater than -50
Consequences: All Students lose 1 Sanity
Reverse Soul Blast
Circumstances: This Spell may be cast often if the student casting it has a Sanity less than or equal to -50
Consequences: All Students gain 2 Sanity and 1 Thirst.  The Student casting this gains an additional 3 Thirst.  If this makes em dehydrated, e becomes Lost.

Intermediate Guide to Soul Magic
Soul Duel
Circumstances:This spell may be cast if it has not been cast by anyone in the last 48 hours.
Consequences:The Caster makes a post to the blog with title “I challenge X” where X is the name of a non-Lost Student (the Victem).  Once within the next 48 hours, the Victem may comment to that post saying “I Accept” as well as some other text of eir choosing, then roll DICE2 in the GNDT.  If the result is a 1, eir name is added to the Lost List; Otherwise, the Caster’s name is added to the Lost List.

unfortunately, size limits keep me from proposing the Advanced Guide also



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15-11-2006 11:57:16 UTC

I like these, but I have two problems with them.

The first one’s minor: there are no Tomes with “unlimited copies” - the ones with no specified number are automatically assumed to have only one copy.  Suggest defining the concept of “an available copy” - one that nobody’s got - in terms of 2.7 and allowing the pattern-walker to choose a free one.  Or else, you could choose an unavailable copy and it would be yoinked out of another Student’s possession: that might be fun.

The major problem is that the circumstances of Soul Blast are missing the word “often”, so whoever has the Tome can instantly make all the other Students insane beyond redemption.

If you fixed these things, I’d definitely vote in favour.



15-11-2006 14:43:36 UTC


Clucky: he/him

15-11-2006 15:50:46 UTC

against Cause of what Tommy said. Soul blast is way too power.


15-11-2006 19:47:31 UTC

Tommy: The unlimited frequency was intentional.


15-11-2006 22:49:58 UTC

against I agree with tommy. I also think that a student that doesn’t accept a challenge should get a small penalty like gaining thirst or what ever.


15-11-2006 23:17:17 UTC

Soul Blast would be overpowered if it said “All other students”, but as it is, I have no problem with it.  Tommy’s right about “Walk the Pattern” being useless, but that’s an easy fix, and aran’s suggestion of a penalty for refusing a challenge can be implemented at the same time.


17-11-2006 00:43:23 UTC

Except that when combined with The King in Yellow it effectively reads “all other students”.