Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Here’s the post-dynastic Goal reveal required by the ruleset. As written the Goals of every player other than Derrick would just be “Abandon Ship” or “Religious”, but here’s what people actually tried to set, and how they would have scored if The Log and Line had been voted through:-

  • Brendan: Advance to Carpenter + Survive + Die + Protect Cuddlebeam + Stay Afloat + Abandon Ship + Avenge Nature 1 + Avenge Nature 2 = 3 Worth
  • Card: Stay Afloat + Survive + Protect Kevan + Advance to Deckhand + Avenge Nature 5 = 5 Worth
  • Corona: Advance to Navigator + Hunt + Survive + Stay Afloat + Protect Dewaldo + Protect Stoneworth + Protect Kevan + Religious = 6 Worth
  • Cuddlebeam: Die + (REPLACED: Abandon Ship) + Avenge Axemabaro + Avenge Brendan + Avenge Card + Avenge Corona + Avenge Cpt_Koen + Avenge Diabecko + Avenge ElMarko + Religious = 0 Worth
  • Derrick: Protect Pokes + Protect Thunder + Protect Cpt_Koen + Protect Jumble + (ERASED:Stay Afloat) + Hunt + Advance to Deckhand + Avenge Nature 2) = 6 Worth
  • Dewaldo: Avenge 4 + Advance to Cook + Acquire + Survive + Stay Afloat = 4 Worth
  • ElMarko: Advance to Third Mate + Hunt + Stay Afloat + Survive + Avenge Nature 4 = 4 Worth
  • Jumble: Avenge Nature 6 + Acquire + Stay Afloat + Survive = 2 Worth
  • Kevan: Survive + Advance to Passenger + Stay Afloat = 4 Worth
  • Mexianus: Advance to Blacksmith + Acquire + Hunt + Survive + Stay Afloat + Protect Brendan + Religious = 4 Worth

Which means Derrick would have won regardless - although tied with Corona, the Captain’s decision to pass all of their Gold to Cuddlebeam meant that the tiebreak would have been resolved in Derrick’s favour, 3 Lore to nothing.


Kevan: City he/him

19-06-2018 08:05:36 UTC

The Loadstone CfJ (which Derrick ironically voted against) was just to fix Derrick’s submitted Goal list, which totalled 11 rather than 10.


19-06-2018 08:53:55 UTC

BTW my goals were deliberately horrible lol. I was being funny because of the loophole thing.

Lulu: she/her

19-06-2018 13:25:39 UTC

I probably shouldn’t have put so many on Avenge Nature, because I don’t think anything with uncommoness 6 spawned.

derrick: he/him

19-06-2018 13:28:23 UTC

Wow. that is 11. I feel dumb. I was looking at that list when Loadstone was voting and still adding it up to 10. The more you learn about math, the worse you get at arithmetic.

I feel better about my win, looking at this. I have no clue why Corona didn’t change to navigator though.

Just about every point I scored was a scam: I went for protecting a bunch of people on the cusp of idling out and I “Aspired” to become a harpooner. Jumble got back in the game, but every other point I scored was guaranteed 72 hours after I made it.

Kevan, why where my points considered scored and everyone else not? was I the first to submit goals?


19-06-2018 13:55:31 UTC

@ derrick: You were the only sailor to submit an illegal list, which was corrected by “lord of the level loadstone”, whose last paragraph reads:

“Whenever the alteration or removal of a Goal makes a non-Correct List into a Correct one, that Sailor’s Goals are considered to have been that Correct List since the time at which they were submitted.”, so your goals were the only ones that got past the bug Cuddlebeam was using.

I didn’t change to navigator, because back then when I was resigning captain, I thought you were really going to imprison me, and I thought that card’s goal was Navigator, so if I made myself the Navigator and then got imprisoned, card could return to their job, so I made someone else a Navigator to block card.

I feel dumb too, for overestimating you guys big time. I thought that there were going to be several people with 10 points (having something like 8*Protect inactive sailor, Religious and Stay Afloat).

Concluding that I had no chance, I bet everything on CB winning and making me the emperor.


19-06-2018 16:51:53 UTC

I don’t know why Corona thought I was gunning to be a Navigator but at least it was in my favor at the time. I suppose having 3 separate Avenge Natures with targets of 1, 2 and 3 would have been a better choice since getting creatures of uncommoness 5 defeated required the whole crew. With me as Navigator I could’ve scored all the goals pretty easily seeing as most crew members wanted to join hunts. I’m somewhat surprised more people didn’t see the advance to deckhand strategy

[Corona] ah, a fair strategy for people who want to hold a reputation here for being honest, like Cuddlebeam does with their deals; but Cuddlebeam did say they were super busy with work.

[Kevan] You chose goals? Was that to weed out people who only scored 3 or less points? or in some edge cases 4 points.

Kevan: City he/him

19-06-2018 18:19:46 UTC

I was a bit surprised that nobody tried to kill off Corona and Card in the final days by ending Encounters; I think they had 3 Health’s worth of unresolved, angry fish stacked against them by that point.

[Corona] There wasn’t much of a window for directly picking idle Sailors as Protect targets; initially you could only select active ones. Even so, I guess most players shied away from Derrick’s tactic because it’s the kind of thing that could easily be killed off later by a common sense fix. (I considered proposing it myself - that idle players would have a 50% chance of turning up dead at the end - but it seemed a bit too meddlesome.)

[card] I just picked some in-character goals to stop myself being picked for drowning, really, and forgot to rule myself out from the final score.