Thursday, August 02, 2007

Proposal: Naming the Steps

Timed Out: 2-8

Adminned at 04 Aug 2007 11:23:48 UTC

Prefix the existing Dance moves with the boldface of names “Swing” (for swapping), “Leap” (for moving the monkey in the last position) and “Bow” (for increasing the leader’s dance moves), in both the ruleset and the gamestate.

Add some new Dance moves:-

  • Thump. The dance moves of the Monkey one position in front of this Monkey (if there is one) are skipped, for this dance (unless they’ve already been processed).
  • Kick. The dance moves of the Monkey one position behind this Monkey (if there is one) are skipped, for this dance (unless they’ve already been processed).
  • Freeze. If this Monkey is not in position n_A, then stop processing its dance moves.

Before “After each dance move”, add:-

For the purposes of a dance move, ‘this Monkey’ is the Monkey whose dance moves are being processed.



08-02-2007 17:55:24 UTC

Holding my vote for now. I am not in favor of dance moves actually referring to monkey executing the move(or any monkey by name), but I am also not strongly against it when used in this case. I guess I am just afraid having the “this monkey” sitting there will encourage it to be used more often, and soon we might see ‘move this monkey to position one’ or ‘give this monkey five bananas’

Elias IX:

08-02-2007 18:34:08 UTC



08-02-2007 19:38:01 UTC

against for the reason of “This monkey” but I like the idea of naming the steps, makes typing up dance steps potentially easier


08-02-2007 19:48:30 UTC

imperial Naming the steps is a good idea, although this proposal falls short of actually allowing us to refer to them by their abbreviations (in the Dance Moves section of the wiki, for example).

I think “Thump” and “Kick” are good uses of “this monkey”, but “Freeze” goes a tad too far.

Oracular rufio:

08-02-2007 19:56:17 UTC

I’d vote for it if you replaced “this monkey” with “the monkey at position n_A”.  Part of the challenge with these is that you can’t refer to yourself.


08-02-2007 20:58:56 UTC

I would as well oracular


08-02-2007 21:57:29 UTC


I like the naming idea as well.

Elias IX:

08-02-2007 23:47:11 UTC

I do think Kevan’s dance moves sound more plausible than the ones we currently have; it’s odd to think that any monkey can perform a dance move that results in two other monkeys switching positions.

And right now, the random order of dance moves makes it far too chaotic to easily gain dance moves.

Freeze provides the slightest help as a fail-safe, and is nothing near “Move this monkey to position number 1.”


08-03-2007 02:59:49 UTC

Monkeys are not preforming the dance moves themselves, Elias. They are simply providing steps to the dance so that they can be preformed.


08-03-2007 11:38:32 UTC



08-03-2007 13:33:43 UTC



08-03-2007 13:55:16 UTC



08-04-2007 06:44:17 UTC

against Weird as it is, ‘this monkey’ is not allowed. Sorry Kevan.

P.S: Does anyone know what ‘preform’ means?