Friday, December 19, 2008

Non-Proposal: Demonyms

I’ve used up all my proposals today. Anyone who hasn’t could post this.

Add a rule titled “Demonym” to faction MIC’s ruleset:

A Citizen of the People’s Republic of Mic may be referred to as a Micese.

Add a rule titled “Demonym” to faction GNO’s ruleset:

A Citizen of the Holy GNOmish Empire may be referred to as a Gnomiard.

Not quite sure about GNO’s demonym. Any suggestions?

Add a rule titled “Demonym” to faction BLO’s ruleset:

A Citizen of Blo may be referred to as a Pufferfish.


arthexis: he/him

19-12-2008 18:48:18 UTC

GNO = Gnostician??


19-12-2008 18:50:08 UTC

Yeah, but I’m basing it off of “GNOmish”, by analogy with Spanish = Spaniard. Hmm. English = Englishman. Maybe Gnomishman?

Or maybe Scottish = Scotsman. Therefore, I could use Gnomsman.


19-12-2008 19:41:33 UTC

MIC => Maw ('kmaq)

GNO is the acronym for “Greater New Orleans”, so someone from GNO should be a Yat.  ( )

Someone from Oslo is an Oslovian, so by analogy, someone from BLO is a Blovian.


19-12-2008 19:44:32 UTC

Someone from Buffalo is a Buffalonian, so that would give us Blonian.


19-12-2008 19:46:05 UTC

I kind of like “pufferfish” better than “blovian”.


19-12-2008 19:46:32 UTC

Or “blonian”.


19-12-2008 20:30:26 UTC

I like Gnomiard and Pufferfish. For Mic, I’d prefer Mician, as in Phoenician.


19-12-2008 20:39:44 UTC

Gnomsman is hilarious. I vote for that.

On the other hand, members of the Holy Roman Empire were….Germans.

So maybe members of the Holy Gnomish Empire should be…the Dutch.


19-12-2008 21:27:53 UTC

I’m all for the Pufferfish.


20-12-2008 21:22:59 UTC

Oze: For Mic, I chose Micese because Mic is a parody of China.