Thursday, December 18, 2008

Non-Proposal: Desperate last attempt at killing Jason Smith

Increase the Plot Points of Eljefe by 5.

I don’t have a proposal slot open. Anyone who does should post this.



18-12-2008 21:22:30 UTC



18-12-2008 21:50:21 UTC

Oh, and you don’t have time to post a proposal that would effect this dynasty.  You need 12 hours.  You have 2.


18-12-2008 21:54:45 UTC

One word: Quorum.


18-12-2008 21:56:55 UTC

“It has a number of FOR votes that exceed or equal Quorum, has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, and has not been vetoed or self-killed. “

I love finding rules that contradict your beliefs.


18-12-2008 21:59:10 UTC

Once again: Dammit.

Amnistar: he/him

18-12-2008 22:03:25 UTC

and, how is this any difreent from the other proposals t hat have been vetoed/voted against?


18-12-2008 23:05:24 UTC

EVERY proposal is going to either hurt or help Rodlen. One of two. Would every proposal that hurts Rodlen be vetoed?

I understand this doesn’t have enough time, but just theoretically speaking one of the goals of games like Nomic is having people on your side so you don’t lose votes.


18-12-2008 23:07:16 UTC

Making a specific time zone official doesn’t exactly help or hurt me.


18-12-2008 23:28:20 UTC

haha, touche

Amnistar: he/him

18-12-2008 23:30:05 UTC

And creating rules to the game may or may not help Rodlen.

Specifically giving people resources so that they win the game right before it ends?  Not really creating a rule, and, in my opinion, doesn’t add to the nomic, because it means that the winner is merely whomever most people want to win, not whomever played the best that dynasty.


18-12-2008 23:43:51 UTC

It is all a Nemesis plot.

Discussion over.