Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Proposal: Not even Herbert West can save you now

Timed out (3-7)
Failed by Hix.

Adminned at 11 Nov 2006 11:47:28 UTC

Add a sub rule to rule 2.10 “Law of Loss”, titled “Life and Death”

All Students have a health level between -5 and 10. A new student starts with a health of 10. A student may often increase eir Health by one unless eir health is 0 or lower. This is a strenuous action. If a dehydrated student’s thirst is increased, eir Health is decreased by the same amount. A student with 0 health or lower is lost. A student with -5 health has been completely destroyed and cannot have eir health increased in any way.

Set all student’s health to 10
There are health levels below 0 in case someone tries to be a reanimator, creates a spell to return the dead to life or is a powerful wizard who can move around even after death



08-11-2006 18:09:54 UTC

against I think it’s a bit mean to kill people off.


08-11-2006 19:33:15 UTC

against Too easy to Lose someone


08-11-2006 19:50:34 UTC

for As it is, we don’t actually have anything that can hurt people, aside from thirst.


08-11-2006 20:34:06 UTC

imperial ...and thirst is easy to quench, provided you don’t mind the insanity.


09-11-2006 00:00:14 UTC

against Doesn’t add much. The main penalty is still a loss of sanity. If you lose health then you regain it by adding one thirst which you regain by losing one sanity.


09-11-2006 01:00:46 UTC

against What Duke said, and too many stats already, I guess


09-11-2006 18:42:24 UTC



10-11-2006 16:04:52 UTC



10-11-2006 22:02:32 UTC