Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Proposal: Only a Psycho would read this tome

3-1, times out. Apathy blows. -Elias IX

Adminned at 21 Nov 2006 18:41:05 UTC

Add a new tome titled “De Vermis Mysteriis” to rule 2.7.1

De Vermis Mysteriis
*Summon Star Vamprire
* Circumstances: This spell may be cast by a student with sanity less than -5 if no student is being attacked by the Star Vampire and at least two pairs of planets are in conjunction or there is a Stellium
*Consequences: The student casting this spell is attacked by the Star Vampire. If a student is attacked by the Star Vampire, e may post a omment to the GNDT of “Bind: DICE(M+4) DICE3 XXXX” where M is eir Mythos and XXXX is the name of a student. If the result of the DICE(M+4) check is equal to or lower than eir Mythos, e loses 1 sanity. If not, eir thirst is increased by result of the DICE3 check. The Star Vampire stops attacking em and, unless it has departed, attacks student XXXX. If a student being attacked doesn’t post the comment, eir thirst is increased by 4 and the Star Vampire departs: no student is attacked by the Star Vampire. If a student becomes dehydrated because of the Star Vampire, e is added to the Lost List and the Star Vampire departs.



15-11-2006 12:03:55 UTC


But we need to allow a specific time period for the Student to get eir defence in: “if the Student being attacked doesn’t post the comment within 48 hours”.


15-11-2006 14:52:23 UTC

against I assume that X and Y or Z in the circumstances should be X and (Y or Z).

How does student XXXX (or the student casting the spell, for that matter) ever get a chance to make the GNDT comment?  Eir thirst is increased by 4 and the Star Vampire departs immediately.


15-11-2006 23:22:45 UTC

Does the Star Vampire stops attacking the student and goes to attack XXXX regardless of the outcome of the die roll, or am I reading it wrong?


16-11-2006 06:20:42 UTC

Ornithopter: Yes, you are correct

I will either repost this (if it fails) or propose change it (if it doesn’t) to fix those problems (badly written circumstances, no time period etc)


16-11-2006 16:52:20 UTC

But change it afterwards.