Sunday, November 06, 2005

Proposal: Or Not To Be A Pilgrim

Passes 7-0, timed out and reached quorum—smith

Adminned at 08 Nov 2005 10:15:08 UTC

[ Overpopulating the world to get extra Pilgrims to overthrow cities is getting a bit tiresome. ]

Remove the Pilgrim clause from Rule 2.5.1 (Conversion), and erase any components that mention Pilgrims.

If any Incarnations have Powers that reference Pilgrims, erase those Powers and give their owners 1 Quintessence per Power.

[ Was going to add a Might component called “Pilgrimage”, but it’s more interesting to give a generic small-temple-creation component and let people do what they like with it. Sacrifice-Holy-Day-Shrine would seem a good analogue for a Pilgrimage, though. ]

Add a new City Might component:-

Shrine: Create one Temple to any Incarnation in any City. It only yields 50 Worshippers, and should be marked with a “*” in the Cities Wiki. (+6 City Might)

And bring back Sacrifice, lessening the Worship to be equal to half a Fire:-

Sacrifice: To use this power, you must sacrifice some of your Worshippers - choose a Temple of your Incarnation and reduce its Worshippers by 50. (Mark it with a “*” in the Cities Wiki.) (+4 City Worship)

And reword the Fire and Mob components, to prevent abuse of small Temples:-

Fire: Destroy one of your own Temples that provides at least 100 Worshippers. (+8 Global Worship)
Mob: Power cannot be used in a City which has fewer than 100 Worshippers of your Incarnation. (+3 City Worship)




06-11-2005 16:21:20 UTC

for Though this will not prevent overpopulation.


06-11-2005 17:52:53 UTC



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07-11-2005 16:36:00 UTC

imperial  veto

(Is this the proper way to defer to The Other?)

Angry Grasshopper:

08-11-2005 00:48:43 UTC

Hix: Think so.


08-11-2005 10:32:40 UTC

for Thankee, hix.