Thursday, February 20, 2020

Proposal: Order of precedence [Appendix]

passes 5-0. DK

Adminned at 23 Feb 2020 06:48:29 UTC

Amend the rule “Prioritisation” as follows:

* If two parts of the Ruleset contradict each other, precedence shall be construed in the following order:
# The Appendix has precedence over any other Rule;
# A Dynastic Rule has precedence over a Core Rule, unless that Core Rule explicitly says it can’t be overruled by a Dynastic Rule;
# A Special Case Rule has equal precedence as a Dynastic Rule, unless that Special Case Rule explicitly says it can’t be overruled by a Dynastic Rule;
# If two contradicting parts have equal precedence, the part with more limited scope applies (e.g. if the rules “Individuals may Kick each other” and “Individuals may not Kick each other on Tuesdays” exist, and it is Tuesday, Individuals may not Kick each other);
# If two contradicting parts have the same scope, the negative rule applies (e.g. with “Individuals may Punch a Spaceman on Friday” and “Individuals may not Punch Spacemen on Friday”, then Individuals may not Punch Spacemen on Friday).

Not necessarily the kind of proposal we need right now, but I’m on my phone and I had this ready in my sandbox.

Cosmetic changes aside, I’m proposing to cover certain cases left out of the current rule, by widening #4 to take in any pair of provisions in the same Section of the Ruleset, or a pair consisting of a Dynastic rule and a Special Case rule. (This proposal’s #4 is the current rule’s #3, which I’m proposing to change by moving up current #5; this would allow the list to be read as an actual order. Special Case rules seem to be mentioned last only because they were a later addition to the rule.)


Darknight: HE/HIM

02-21-2020 05:22:40 UTC

imperial for now til others have a say

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

02-21-2020 07:56:49 UTC

Matter for discussion: the way the rule is written, I think it is reasonable to interpret it as saying that Special Case Rules have precedence over Core Rules. (I’m not changing this part, but rather giving it more prominence by moving it up in the list.) We might want to make this more explicit… Or we might change it so that it’s no longer the case.


02-21-2020 16:37:13 UTC

for  Because this doesn’t really change anything, so why not.

Also, Special Case Rules are basically Dynastic Rules that you can toggle on or off based on your preferences for that dynasty, so it makes no sense to have them be lower priority than Dynastic Rules.

Frankly, I don’t see why some of the Special Case Rules aren’t just promoted to Core Rules, since I haven’t seen them be switched to Inactive in any dynasty I’ve looked at. (“Imperial Deferentials” comes to mind.)

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

02-21-2020 22:42:30 UTC

We did a cleanup recently, moving “Tags” to the Core Rules and “Orphan Variables” and “Atomic Actions” to the Appendix. “Imperial Deferentials” proved more contentious as to its effects, however, and in any case it’s one of the few rules that have actually been switched off a few times.

Tantusar: HE/THEY

02-21-2020 23:56:25 UTC



02-22-2020 01:21:35 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

02-22-2020 01:57:15 UTC

for cov