Friday, November 03, 2006


Please conform to rule 1.2 and register at via the Register link in the sidebar, then make a post announcing your arrival. An Admin will add you to the roster in the sidebar, at which moment you’ll become a Student.

We can’t unidle you without a proper account.

Welcome back, anyway.



03-11-2006 15:44:05 UTC

I already made both an account ( and a request to be unidled (


03-11-2006 16:53:54 UTC

I had seen only the comment at “Stories” (which is non-compliant, anyway), not the account. Someone else has unidled you. Welcome.


03-11-2006 23:34:24 UTC

Actually, announcing that you are a new player has to be a post, but the ruleset doesn’t specify a format for unidling requests.

Sorry to start off by bickering with you, but it’s good to be back nonetheless.  And thank you to whoever unidled me.


04-11-2006 05:10:56 UTC

No problem.  I figured it was okay since you were only unidling.