Friday, June 01, 2018

Passenger’s Log: Saint Inigo’s Day

“The reason for the Calypso’s haste soon became apparent, for the whaling ship Eriphyle was in her pursuit. A cry went up from the visiting crew, and they scrambled back to their boat, leaving our steward with a hand still outstretched, and knocking the carpenter and second mate clean over the gunwale. The Eriphyle, seeming satisfied as the Calypso set sail, ceased the chase and slowed alongside the Haniver, her captain hailing us in a friendly manner.”

Brendan and Stoneworth went Overboard and are now both Weakened. The SS Eriphyle is in the area until the next log. A lone orca remains in the waters around the ship.



01-06-2018 13:19:46 UTC

The ship is falling apart!
Sailors who haven’t scrubbed and could have scrubbed:

card, Brendan, Stoneworth

Consider this a warning.


01-06-2018 13:27:50 UTC

Ah, also the blacksmith (Mexianus) should make more harpoons (we’re running low) instead of repairing the ship; the Carpenter (Brendan) can and should do that instead.

Kevan: City he/him

01-06-2018 13:50:29 UTC

I’m afraid the Carpenter can’t - “A Weakened Sailor is unfit for duty and may not perform Job Actions”.

Brendan: he/him

01-06-2018 14:41:58 UTC


Lulu: she/her

01-06-2018 23:31:25 UTC

I trade possessions during the Gam.


02-06-2018 01:55:04 UTC

{Jumble} you can’t until Corona ahoys this


03-06-2018 20:17:46 UTC



03-06-2018 20:19:09 UTC

I Trade Possessions during the Gam.

derrick: he/him

04-06-2018 00:43:32 UTC

I talk about the trade during the Gam


04-06-2018 02:25:58 UTC

I talk about the trade during the Gam