Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Passenger’s Log: Saint Peregrinus’ Day

“Long after midnight, the Captain and the Navigator leapt up from their benches at the galley, perhaps a little worse for wear, and proceeded to lower an empty whaling boat. Scattering handfuls of ship’s scarce provisions across the dark waters behind them, they paddled the boat towards the orbiting, moonlit fin of a lone dolphin.”

Corona and Card formed a Hunt empty-handed.

Encounter: An angry Dolphin with Speed 3, Danger 2, Yield 2 and Uncommonness 3. Card is this Encounter’s Leader. This Encounter has a Maneuver Energy of 0 and a Power Energy of 0.



13-06-2018 08:32:42 UTC

****. This was not thought-out well.