Monday, September 17, 2012

Peer Review mark (2)

Enact a new rule entitled “[COR] Corrections” with the following text:

A Proposal is a Correction if it satisfies the following (possibly in the flavour text):

  • It contains a Citation to another Proposal (the Original).
  • The Original was authored by a different Student.
  • The Original was Pending when the Correction was submitted.
  • It explicitly indicates that it is a Correction of the Original.
  • It contains an explanation of one or more errors in the Original.

Students should not vote FOR a Correction unless it proposes substantially the same changes as the Original and it fixes the errors described.

When a Correction is Enacted, if the Original Failed, then the author of the Correction Scores.

(Oh, the irony)

An important part of nomic is the ability to critique others’ work and improve on it. This should encourage all pupils to stay vigilant for mistakes made by others and improve on them, and thus this will lead to a higher-quality learning experience for all students.


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