Saturday, November 04, 2006

Proposal: Permutations

7-0, reaches quorum. -Elias IX

Adminned at 05 Nov 2006 17:14:27 UTC

In the Rule “Planets”, rewrite the list of Planets so it reads:

* Moon (P) - Cancer
* Mercury (P) - Gemini, Virgo
* Venus (P) - Taurus, Libra
* Sun (P) - Leo
* Mars (P) - Aries, Scorpio
* Jupiter (T) - Sagittarius, Pisces
* Saturn (T) - Capricorn, Aquarius
* Uranus (G) - Aquarius
* Neptune (G) - Pisces
* Pluto (G) - Scorpio
* Eris (G) - Libra

Add to the end of the “Planets” rule:

A Planet may be Regent to one or more Signs. The Signs each Planet is Regent of are listed after their name in the list above.

When a Planet is in a Sign it’s Regent of, it’s said to be Dignified. When a Planet is in a Sign Opposite to one it’s Regent of, it’s said to be in Detriment.

If 2 Planets are each in a Sign the other is Regent of, those 2 Planets are said to be in Mutual Reception.

Venus and Jupiter are said to be Benefic Planets, respectively the Lesser and the Greater Benefic. Mars and Saturn are said to be Malefic Planets, respectively the Lesser and the Greater Malefic.

If the Proposal titled “Complex Configurations, A Wiki, and other quality elements.” failed, add a paragraph to the end of the “Music of the Spheres” rule reading:

Once such a post has been made, [Planet] is considered to be in [Sign].  Any given planet may be in at most one Sign at a time.  All Students are encouraged to update the Zodiac Wiki to indicate which Planets are in each Sign.

I promise this is my last addiction to the Planet/Signs mechanics. Let’s create some Spells now.



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imperial Reasonable, not too complicated, and only slightly too much to keep track of all at once.


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