Friday, October 17, 2008

Proposal: Physical Dueling

Times out, 1-9—Rodney.

Adminned at 19 Oct 2008 14:33:49 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Back to the Basics” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Create a new dynastic rule titled “Physical Dueling” with the following text:

As a weekly action, a Clansman may challenge another Clansman to a Physical Duel by posting the challenge to Blognomic.  In it, the challenger must note the name of the challenged Clansman, and the name of a third Clansman, who will coordinate the Duel.  All clansmen involved must accept for the duel to start.  When the duel starts, the Challenger and the Challenged must both pick one of their physical stats and PM their choice to the coordinator within 24 hours of the start of the duel.  Once the coordinator recieves the choices, they must post them as a comment in the post the Duel is taking place in.  In a Physical Duel, Strength beats Skill, Skill beats Reflex, and Reflex beats Strength.  Whichever clansman beats the other clansman wins, ending the duel.  If both clansmen choose the same stat, the clansman with the higher number in that stat wins the duel, and the duel ends..  If there is a tie in that stage, the duel ends with no winner.

This might need a bit of work, but it is a start.



10-17-2008 18:31:51 UTC

imperial as long as bucky likes it, I don’t see any problem with it


10-17-2008 18:49:54 UTC

against This rule *requires* players to perform actions—namely, to PM the coordinator within 24 hrs of the start of the duel.  That’s neither feasible nor practical, unless it’s explicitly detailed what happens if and when they fail to comply—which this rule does not.

The same applies to the Coordinator.  This rule states that he must post the results.  But it doesn’t say when.  If Rodney and Yoda are dueling, and Yoda is going to win the duel, and I like Rodney better, I have no reason to be compelled by this rule to post the results.

You could argue that the spirit of the rules implies that I should report the findings at my next opportunity.  In turn, I could argue that the spirit of the rules dictates precisely the opposite.  Rules cannot make people do things.  All rules can do is set the framework for action—or inaction.


10-17-2008 18:59:09 UTC

against I see several problems.

“... and the name of a third Clansman, who will coordinate the Duel.” This should really be a Clan Lord. Otherwise, suppose Player A have a duel Player B with Player I-like-A-better-than-B as coordinator. Suppose IlAbtB isn’t the most trustworthy player in the nomic, so he secretly contacts A and tells him to wait on picking a move. B sends in his move, so IlAbtB tells A to use a counter. There’s nothing against this in the rules other than the players involved being nice. We shouldn’t count on that for the game to work.

“All clansmen involved must accept for the duel to start.” Accept what? How? When is it considered to start? This is poorly worded.

Also, with this there’d be no difference between any two stats aside from who has what. I’d really like to see something like losing to Strength give you worse wounds than losing to Reflexing, and the mind-games therein.


10-17-2008 21:17:14 UTC

For the reasons listed above.

I like the Rock, Paper, Scissors concept, but greater uncertainty would be introduced should an extraordinarily high stat be able to match or beat (by however narrow a margin) its counter.


10-17-2008 21:40:15 UTC

against As per Xaxyx and Rodney.


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