Friday, July 09, 2021

Proposal: Player Piano

Enacted popular, 5-0. Josh

Adminned at 11 Jul 2021 09:42:42 UTC

Remove “The Organ” from the ruleset

remove “Set the Organ to Not Playing” from Richardo’s Journey

In Richardo’s Journey, insert the following before the first occurrence of the text “Richardo von Nestor may Enter the Crypt”

then the Organ is Playing. Otherwise the Organ is not playing. While the Organ is Playing, no Power Actions may be performed.

If the Organ is Playing,

Making it so that anyone can switch the organ on feels like a decent first start, but has the negative side effect of rewarding camping the organ start time to block out other players

Plus its spooookier if the organ just starts playing on its own


Clucky: he/him

09-07-2021 16:51:00 UTC

I *think* this plays nice with pending proposals. Someone let me know if it doesn’t


09-07-2021 19:16:04 UTC

I also think this is compatible with all the passing proposals (although it entirely overwrites the effect of “Pulling Out The Stops”).

I’d ideally like to defer to the newer players on this one (rather than deferring to Richardo) – my main reservation is that it may make tracking the gamestate somewhat awkward, and I’m particularly concerned that someone may end up trying to take a power action while the Organ is playing by accident.

Clucky: he/him

09-07-2021 19:21:35 UTC

if they do, Josh will hopefully catch it. same as if someone makes a power action while the organ is playing now.

and really it just extends pulling out the stops to make the switch automatic in order to prevent the “camp the time the organ can go on” behavior. its just at that point, you don’t really need the separate rule.


09-07-2021 19:25:07 UTC

The thing about organ-camping is that it probably isn’t a huge problem, as you don’t gain much advantage from it; it’s sort of a “communal timing scam” where anyone can turn the organ on, and you only gain an advantage if nobody else is organ-camping and you want to do an action late. So while a fix with no negative side effects would be a good thing, it’d only be a very slightly good thing, and this may be a case where the negatives outweigh the positives.


10-07-2021 02:10:38 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

10-07-2021 10:33:09 UTC


lemon: she/her

10-07-2021 22:22:28 UTC


Josh: he/they

11-07-2021 09:42:09 UTC

Ach, I suppose I have to vote on this.

I’m not sure that this is a good idea - but for sure, let’s see.