Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Plot seed

[I should point out that the Father Mackenzie plot seed from Nov. 24 is not on the plot summary page]

November 15: 8:40 PM
The scene: Joey Wong’s.  Father Mackenzie is getting sloshed at the bar.  Some frustrated-looking young man is sitting alone at a table- his date must be standing his up.  The rest of the usual cast of characters.

Alfredo Falsonome scowls at his two associates and waves a slender finger at them as if brandishing a stiletto.  “Shade is trying to pull it off again.  We have to stop him.  Get our people into place.  Everybody—including that slob at the newspaper stand.”



02-12-2008 21:44:55 UTC

It is your responsibility to add the seeds to the plot page, not Yoda’s.


03-12-2008 00:09:00 UTC

That, and the Plot Seed rule says you have to put your seeds under the current time on the current date, e.g. you can’t change the past.


03-12-2008 01:40:36 UTC

I went ahead and added the Nov 24 seed, but this one will not be added nor will it receive a pp.  Please remember to follow directions.


03-12-2008 13:52:55 UTC

Then consider this a request by me for the Narrator to add this to November 15.  (I recognize that this is not eligible for PP).


03-12-2008 15:15:43 UTC

No offence, but I really don’t see how this improves the plot at all.  We already have Jason at the restaurant and I think it is too early to bring Shade into the picture.


04-12-2008 15:44:23 UTC

It sets up Falsonome and his crew as adversaries to Shade.