Thursday, December 04, 2008

Plot seeding w/o wiki access

I’d like to add this to the plot summary but don’t yet have access. In light of these circumstances, I’d like to request that the narrator add it to the plot summary for the evening of December 4th.

A slight jingling.

Mike, the slow-witted but hard-working prep cook from the BuckyStar Cafe, marched through the door and into Arthexis’ antique shop. He didn’t notice the tarps that had been thrown about, the wrappings, the out of place containers. He didn’t notice Arthexis’ annoyed look.

“Hey boss, a got something you might want to take a look at.” Mike dropped one of the glowing green rocks onto Arthexis’ countertop. “Any clue what this is? There’s a whole stack of them at the restaurant.”

Words don’t often fail Arthexis but the idiotic breach in protocol and execution, the bungling of Shade’s men again, this predicament, stunned him.

“Uh, erm, how—what... is that?”

“We was kinda’ hopin’ you would know. I mean, I can tell you one thing: It ain’t no shrim—”


“Aw damn damn damn!”  Arthexis threw up his hands in disgust. He verged on vomiting.

The store proprietor was fine, save for the blood and small bits of brain that had just found a new home on his clothes and counter.

A figure, familiar yet different, dressed in all black and hidden in an unnatural shadow, stood in front of the closed entrance way. He slowly lowered the silenced pistol to his side.

Arthexis squinted. “....Shade?”

An audible grunt. “A Shade. One Shade.” He stepped forward, and Arthexis instinctively drew back. This Shade wasn’t his Shade; he was burnt on the side of his face. He limped—dragged, really—his left leg with him. As he came into the light, more scars were visible on his body.”

“What the heck happened to you, Shade?”

“Nothing that can’t be undone.” He waved at the body. “This is the first step. This was where it started to go wrong. Give me your phone.”

Disturbed, disquieted, disgusted, Arthexis was in no mood to object. He handed it to Shade.

“Who are you calling?”


An eerie chill filled the room. The cell phone booped and beeped. The lone sound that seemed to penetrate the stillness was the soft pitter-patter of a silhouette in a tall hat walking through the evening twilight with a slender cane at his side.

I’m also going to spend $50 bucks to change my relationship to -1. My location is now Sidewalk.



05-12-2008 00:34:21 UTC

Your seed has been added, and you now have wiki access.


05-12-2008 02:19:05 UTC

I see everyone is out to kill Jason.

I cannot allow that, as I am DDA/DDF/WHATEVER COMMANDER RODLEN!!!


05-12-2008 02:25:27 UTC

You know, the HCIs (High Command Idiots) only changed the name once, between now and your dynasty.


05-12-2008 02:29:16 UTC

I see you have not received the DDA/DDF memos involving the name changes.

I believe that is because you are not a member of the DDA/DDF.

(I’ve turned a stupid mistake into a running gag)