Monday, December 08, 2008

Plotting bombings…

10:10 PM

A DDA/DDF undercover agent entered Arthexis’s shop, knowing that Arthexis was working with Shade. Said DDA/DDF agent hid a small bomb in a product when Arthexis wasn’t looking, and then purchased a small black box. The agent left the building. A few minuted later, the bomb was triggered. At that point, it was discovered that the bomb was slightly underpowered, and it had only destroyed some products, damaged others, injured Arthexis, and barely damaged the shop itself.



09-12-2008 03:27:04 UTC

Alright then. Spending 50 bucks to increase relationship.


09-12-2008 03:37:46 UTC

You can’t.

You can only do that for your own plot seeds.


09-12-2008 05:23:22 UTC

Damn me and my forgetfulness. Oh well. That’s why I say when I do something.