Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pluto in Virgo

And thus Pluto and Eris are in a trine.



05-11-2006 00:13:39 UTC

maybe it’s just me, but i think something weird (unnatural) is going on with the wikiZodiac.

when i look on the article, i see no changes (for example, i don’t see pluto in virgo). but when i press edit article, i see them in the editing box (pluto is in virgo).

anybody else having this problem?


05-11-2006 00:54:56 UTC

look at the wiki faq (, aran. There is a work around there for that problem.

Or get a real browser…

Elias IX:

05-11-2006 01:21:15 UTC

aran: I also have that problem, and my solution is to clear my cache. What is less desirable about this solution is that you have to do this every single time that the wiki page gets updated.

So just get Firefox.


05-11-2006 02:06:31 UTC

There’s a checkbox in Misc. Settings under Preferences that says “Disable page caching”.  That should do the trick.


05-11-2006 09:23:40 UTC

thanks. i use firefox and ubuntu by the way.