Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poll: Who wants this dynasty over now?

I have a plan to end this dynasty very soon but would like to get the popular opinion on this matter before I actually make the proposal.

Please comment to this post on whether or not you want to see this dynasty to end quickly and fairly.



02-26-2008 14:58:51 UTC

I’ve kinda liked the theme of this dynasty, but there’s little denying it’s taking a very long time to play out.  And, since 70-80% of the players fold from each hand, if victory rested on playing cards to win, could take quite a long time indeed.

I’m personally okay with it ending, but I’m also good with letting it continue.  Guess I’d prolly lean more towards for .


02-26-2008 19:40:36 UTC

One quick and dirty way of ending the dynasty is to have proposals as follows:
(1) create a randomized list of non-wounded, non-yellow players;
(2) Big train robbery attempt, with one Guard (with a high Quickdraw) and so many Safes in play that a successful robber would probably win.
(3) People line up in the order of #1 to attempt to rob the train.
(4) Repeat as necessary


02-26-2008 22:25:05 UTC

Actually, my idea is to basically have a shootout tournament.


02-27-2008 00:27:56 UTC

I would want players’ money to have some effect on the end result—maybe people should be able to buy something with their money that could improve their chances in the OK Corral?


02-27-2008 01:42:43 UTC

After each round of the tournament, each victor would rob their opponent.  That way the money victory condition would probably be achieved first.


02-27-2008 02:24:39 UTC

Frankly, just leave it as it is.  I think we have enough for the Dynasty to end on its own.  against


02-28-2008 01:36:41 UTC

Please end this soon…I’m bored.