Monday, December 31, 2007

Preparing for the New Dynasty

I have started the shift in dynasties by repealing all dynastic rules and changing all the terminology in the Ruleset as stated in the Ascension Address.  Please feel free to check my work as I may have missed something.

I do not know how to change the front page stuff, so if someone else could do that, the shift should be complete.



01-01-2008 00:50:14 UTC

got the top changed, need to contact someone to find some things out and then I’ll work from there.


01-01-2008 01:36:48 UTC

Okay, messed with colors some, trying to get a good feel, blah blah blah.

Also found this nifty picture.

spike, likes, dislikes?


01-01-2008 03:06:00 UTC

lol don’t take all the credit amni.


01-01-2008 04:31:20 UTC

I can get used to the colors.

Can we have a giant monster attacking the saloon, or am I a few dynasties behind?


01-01-2008 06:30:02 UTC

someone needs to make sure we’re all on the GNDT. Sixsidepentagon isn’t on it


01-01-2008 07:16:49 UTC

Six has no values entered. I put Six in there though.


01-01-2008 07:38:16 UTC

I decided I couldn’t get used to purple.


01-01-2008 13:19:05 UTC

I’ve made a new title image and a veto icon.


01-01-2008 16:10:10 UTC

Kevan, can you email me how to change uploaded images?


01-01-2008 17:21:30 UTC

I like the graphics and color scheme.  Well done!


01-01-2008 17:37:00 UTC

Ah… it is a bullet hole. Nice. I was trying to resize a revolver picture, but it wasn’t cooperating.