Monday, December 27, 2010

Project Request: Urban Development

I want to create a space station in lego. Can you guys put something together that would fit with this project? Bonus reward for this is 150 Funds.



28-12-2010 13:29:50 UTC

1 3x9 standard red brick
1 2x3 standard red brick
1 2x5 standard red brick
2 1x3 standard red bricks
2 1x2 standard red bricks
3 1x1 standard red bricks

1 1x1 standard white brick

4 1x2 flat blue bricks
4 1x1 flat blue bricks

4 2x4 flat black bricks
2 1x7 flat black bricks
2 1x3 flat black bricks

No space station is complete without the all-seeing eye of a malevolent supercomputer!

Josh: he/they

01-01-2011 12:25:48 UTC

Ah, sadly I have missed the deadline to distribute the bonus award. Sorry Sub, you have been unfairly denied 150 Funds due to my lack of attention over the New Year period. I will strive to make it up to you :P