Thursday, December 11, 2008

Proposal: If the bloodlust must continue…


Adminned at 11 Dec 2008 11:31:46 UTC

Amend the Occupation wiki page:

1. Medical Doctor

One Character may hold the occupation of “medical doctor.” The MD has a pay rate of 2D30+30. The doctor is chosen by the Characters via a vote, akin to a Declaration of Victory, but only a plurality is required to win.

2. Mortician

One Character may hold the occupation of “mortician.” The mortician has a pay rate of 2D20+25. The mortician is chosen by the Medical Doctor in an open posting to the BlogNomic page.

Amend the Location wiki page:

16 Morgue

There is a Morgue located on Main Street. Oddly enough, it is located directly on top of Jason Smith’s apartment. The Morgue is fully functioning and is often inhabited by a mortician (along with less lively folk). The floor is structurally unsound, but only the landlord and the company that financed the building’s construction know this.

The Morgue may be accessed from the Sidewalk or Jason’s Apartment, but the door is locked and reinforced, and only the Mortician has keys.

Amend the Current Ruleset under section 2.7, and renumber “The End” and “Plot Twist Enabler” 2.8 and 2.9, respectively:

2.7 Body Count

2.7.1 The Medical Doctor

When any Character or non-player character is killed in a plot seeding, the Medical Doctor may declare that character dead in a post to the initial thread announcing the plot seed. If the plot seed is not announced, the Medical Doctor may declare dead characters who have been killed in plot summary postings via a new post on the main page.

2.7.2 The Mortician

Whenever the Medical Doctor declares a Character or non-player character deceased, the Mortician may state in either a new post or a reply to the original post that the Mortician has transported the dead body to the Morgue. The dead body is then considered to be in the Morgue. The Mortician may move in and out of the Morgue without cost and whenever the Mortician chooses.

Amend “The End” section of the Current Ruleset:

2.8 The End

2.8.1 Fixed Date Ending

After 23:59:00 on 25/12/08, no Character may take any actions described by any other dynastic rule; however, the Narrator may still, at any time, edit the “Plot Summary” wiki page. Any time after 23:59:00 on 25/12/08 has passed, the Narrator shall multiply the Relationship of each Active Character by their PP and add the results. If this sum is less than or equal to 0, the Protagonist dies and a new metadynasty begins. If the Protagonist has not died, the Character with the most PP (of the Characters with a Relationship greater than 0) achieves victory. If two or more of those Characters tie for the most plot points then the Character in the tie with the higher Relationship achieves victory. In the event that causes another tie the players who tied for both shall roll DICEX, where X is relationship + PP for each player. The character who rolls the highest may declare victory. In the event of another tie, repeat the roll until there is a single highest roll. The roller of that roll may declare victory.

No Character may declare victory before 23:59:00 on 25/12/08. If a character does declare victory before this time then the declaration fails automatically regardless of how the voting goes.

2.8.2 Alternate Ending

Notwithstanding the text of 2.8.1, the game will end if Jason Smith is killed prior to the entry pertaining to his death in the “Foresight” section of the Current Ruleset.

Jason Smith is fatally crushed to death in his apartment if the number of bodies in the Morgue location reaches ten. At ten, the Morgue collapses on top of Smith’s apartment. All Character and non-player characters in Smith’s apartment will then be considered dead as well. It will be unnecessary for the Mortician to exercise his powers to transport any newly flattened deceased to the Morgue as they will, in a manner, already be there.

Jason Smith may only be killed via the Foresight section of the Plot Summary wiki page or rule 2.8.2.

If the dynasty ends per rule 2.8.2 a metadynasty begins.


Darknight: he/him

11-12-2008 02:13:50 UTC

imperial I’ll admit that death by being crushed by dead bodies is a nasty way to go.


11-12-2008 03:27:30 UTC

against  due to the nasty splash effects of this proposal passing after “Editing the Secret Rule”.


11-12-2008 03:57:36 UTC



11-12-2008 03:58:00 UTC

Oh, and “the game will end” really sucks.


11-12-2008 04:00:43 UTC

Oh, and there is nothing that says that “the door is locked and reinforced, and only the Mortician has keys” will prevent other players from entering.

Oh, and the medical doctor has a whole lot of powerful powers.

Darknight: he/him

11-12-2008 06:18:27 UTC

oh and rodlen says oh alot lol


11-12-2008 06:30:53 UTC

Oh, and yeah, I do.


11-12-2008 15:49:22 UTC



11-12-2008 16:23:38 UTC



11-12-2008 19:31:22 UTC

1. This is dangerously worded.  For example, “The doctor is chosen by the Characters via a vote, akin to a Declaration of Victory, but only a plurality is required to win.”  This is just one of many.

2. Why not just stick the Body Count rule at the end instead of messing everything up by sticking it in the middle?

3. It does not take into account the proposal “Move everything up a week”.

4.  against ...  No, too dangerous: veto .