Saturday, February 19, 2011

Proposal: School

Illegal proposal - was modified to become a proposal a while after it had been created (illegal per paragraph 3 of Rule 1.7), but even without that, “Cavemen with less than 10 Intelligence may not use any punctuations other than full stops (periods) and question marks in their proposals” - this has commas.—Kevan

Adminned at 19 Feb 2011 09:03:29 UTC

if this rule pass, we get smart. like, 10 more smartness. if you vote no you no go to school and your smartness stays. if you vote yes you go to school and get 30 smartness.

You’ve discovered that caves where you teach kids about stuff really helps them! Maybe they can invent the wheel…



19-02-2011 15:27:03 UTC

Sorry.  You have to actually set the category (tab at the top) to Proposal.