Saturday, July 04, 2015

Proto: taking land

Reposting my comment here, now that the proposal’s been adminned:

Proto: The last person to convoy through a territory owns it. Tribes without any territory can “respawn” wherever they like, including in another Tribe’s territory (thus taking it over).

Note that if “Never send an admin” passes, this means it takes at least two Tribes working together to take territory from another Tribe. Plus they can only take territory adjacent to a tribe that’s supporting them, of course.


Tantusar: he/they

04-07-2015 23:28:27 UTC

I’ve made some comments over on my new blog.

In summary, I think that these ideas are broken, and need work.

redtara: they/them

04-07-2015 23:35:11 UTC

>Secondly, with things the way they are, and if we say going through a Zone claims it, then people could take large swathes of land and crowd out everyone else. (Sure the respawn and strength mechanics kind of solve that, but still.) I suggest that instead, Tribes moving through occupied Zones can occupy those Zones, but otherwise only occupy the Zone their Convoy becomes inactive in.

But it can be easily /re/claimed by someone else, as long as they get support. I’m expecting land to be changing hands often with this mechanic.

Also, I was thinking that intentionally getting your land wiped out by someone else in order to snag a choice piece of land could be a bit of a gambit, but I’m open to other suggestions.

Kevan: he/him

05-07-2015 08:22:10 UTC

I got around to putting a wiki essay up about why I think “protosals” aren’t great. You have two slots, you can make this a proposal.

redtara: they/them

05-07-2015 15:20:02 UTC

I think there’s still a place for them, and I think a complex rule like this which hasn’t yet been formally drafted is suited to protosal format.

Though you’re right that they don’t always get much attention.