Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Protosal: FUÞARK

The idea is to make F, Þ, and K runes, which are all difficult to get (similar to U).

Then, a FUÞARK spell which causes victory.



11-18-2009 19:37:38 UTC

against  on the three new runes,  for on some kind of difficult victory spell.


11-18-2009 19:57:45 UTC

for to all of it.

Ienpw III:

11-18-2009 21:01:44 UTC

Same as bucky: we have a lot of runes already.


11-18-2009 21:14:55 UTC

for , I like having lots of runes.


11-19-2009 06:40:05 UTC

Lol, in a way that comes close to saying FU ART, to our fav little vetoer last dynasty


11-19-2009 13:03:25 UTC

At the moment of this comment this post was a “protosal” instead of a “proposal”, is that just a typo or something like a proto-proposal?

I vote the same as Bucky, for some kind of victory spell,  against 3 more runes.


11-19-2009 15:28:28 UTC

@Alzhaid: Proto-proposal. Posts are not made into proposals by putting “Proposal:” before their name; that’s done automatically. You have to select the “proposal” category.


11-19-2009 16:26:48 UTC

You should make this into a Proposal, DC.