Sunday, September 17, 2023

Story Post: Results Post 17 September

On 16 September I. O. Yoo, fresh off of finding a buyer for his $4.2m listing in the Malibu Hills, sauntered into the ring with the swagger of a champion, ready to defend his heavyweight belt! The crowd went wild - furious boos mixed with a smattering of lusty cheers - everyone loves a heel! From the other entrance comes I. M. Eyeron - she’s just listed a $2.2m property in the OC and the crowd thinks she’s on the up! In the opening seconds of the bout, Eyeron has the momentum - oh! She has Yoo in a chokehold! Yoo comes back by laying in some heavy elbows but Eyeron hits a pair of arm drags and a drop toe hold. Eyeron body slams Yoo and - oh! She tells him that she’s replacing him as lead broker on the Sunset Drive listing! That’s sent Yoo into a complete spin - and the ref confirms it - he’s out for the count! I. M. Eyeron wins!

On 17 September West Cresci Albion met Feltwhistle Rovers in the division cup. West Cresci looked the sharper team and were ahead thanks to an early strike by Eduardo van Nestor but in the dying seconds of the match Juney Haniver slotted away a tidy header for the Rovers to even the match up. With the score at 1-1 at full time, this was a well-deserved draw.


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