Sunday, July 11, 2021

Story Post: Richardo’s Fourteenth Expedition

Richardo feels a tremendous surge of power from the full moon, and resolves to enter the Crypt. His energy is set at 20 and the Vampire Lords gain power and influence as he approaches.

Richardo starts by moving south from the Crypt Entrance.

In the Vestibule he finds an average chest; kicking it open, he finds a rusty crossbow. However, he doesn’t manage to equip it in time before being assaulted by a Laughing Gargoyle; despite all his energy, he fumbles his whip and takes a slash, which inflicts a Light Injury upon him. Humiliated, he escapes through the exit to the east.

Scattered from his encounter with the gargoyle, he slips on the Infinite Stairway, slamming down the stairs painfully and taking a Grievous Injury. Chiiika’s Glyph responds, giving her a dollop of influence. Richardo stumbles to his feet and exits to the north.

In the Library of Souls Richardo finds an average chest, which he ignores. The books continue to write tales of the immortality of the Vampire Lords upon themselves. Richardo surveys his options; the exits to the north and west are daunting, and south is where he came from, so he had to exit to the east.

The magic of the forgotten corridor, as usual, returns Richardo promptly to where he came from.

In the Library of Souls, Richardo once again finds the the doors to the north and west are daunting, and east is where he came from, obliging him to return to the infinite stairway. First he opens the chest, finding a Northbound Compass, which he pockets for his next Move.

However, he falls down the stairs of the Infinite Stairway again, taking another Grievous Injury and landing painfully on the previously-unnoticed Sepulchre of lemonfanta, shattering the crypt and unleashing its energy on the room around him and forcing him to retreat. Chiiika’s glyph once again flared with unholy power before collapsing under the pressure of lemonfanta’s dissolution.

Stat changes:
Vampire Lord - Puissance - Influence
ais523 - 5 - 1
Brendan - 5 - 1
Chiiika - 8 - 13
Clucky - 5 - 0
Jumble - 5 - 1
Kevan - 7 - 1
lemonfanta - 9 - 2
Raven1207 - 4 - 0

Just a side-note: Library of Souls and Forgotten Corridor are now an infinite bounce, on the 1 in 4 shot that RIchardo goes east from his starting location.


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