Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proposal: Round 1… FIGHT!

Open for 48 hours, fails 1-5.—Quirck

Adminned at 27 Jul 2012 14:20:08 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule called “Cat Fights” and give it the following text

A Farmer may challenge another Farmer to a fight, provided each Farmer posses a Manul with an Amulet and at least 1 CW. To do so, he picks one his Manuls which posses an Amulet and the one of the other Farmer’s Manuls which possess an Amulet.

He then calculates the Attack Strength of each Manul. The Attack strength is decimal value of the first digit of the hex value of the MD5 hash of S, where S is composed of the string “ATTACK” followed by the Manul’s ID, followed the English name of the Month (first letter capitalized), followed by the two digit day. The MD5 hash should be the one generated here: (So, for example, a Manul has the ID “Manul” on the date July 25 would have S be ATTACKManulJuly25, whose MD5 hash is 4453dbbb453f2abd78ed337b9a06b570 and so attack strength is 4). He roles a DICEA and DICEB where A is the attack strength of his Manul, and B is the attack strength of the other Farmer’s Manul. If the result of the DICEA roll is greater than the result of the DICEB roll, the first Farmer gains 1 CW and the second farmer loses 1 CW. Otherwise, the first Farmer loses 1 CW and the second farmer gains 1 CW.

A Farmer may not use the same Manul twice to perform this action during an one day, and may also not target another Manul via this action more than once during any day.

I know this is different than one Quirck suggested, but its kinda the similar and I think will be fun with the variable attack strengths. Of course, this does have the problem that someone can try and come up with a name that gives him f’s for the next two weeks (or even longer) so maybe we want to salt the hash with some easy to calculate but yet future unknown data point (closing price of the DOW is what comes to mind first, but that might be annoying to specify and calculate. Quirck could generate a salt, but then we’d be waiting on him. Kevan or I or someone else could write a program that generates a new seed each day but you’d have to trust us not to abuse it). So more ideas/discussion on this might be in order.


Josh: he/they

25-07-2012 21:24:55 UTC

against A technophobe vote.

quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 21:35:48 UTC

I think 1 CW is rather small stake for such work.. I don’t have a clear vote yet :)

Clucky: he/him

25-07-2012 21:40:36 UTC

It’s really not that much work… that is why I didn’t want to make you go find the dow or something. the ATTACK part is there so that we can reuse the mechanic and get different numbers. The date part is there to make it different each day. Can’t take more than 30 seconds


25-07-2012 23:48:33 UTC


I dislike a Manul’s attack strength being able to vary so greatly (up to 15) in a day.

Also, while MD5 hashes are “random” it’s all too easy to compute the attack strength of every Manul over the course of an arbitrary number of days, and use that information to plan attacks which are more or less guaranteed to win.

Vovix: he/him

26-07-2012 02:51:51 UTC

against Waay too overcomplicated.


26-07-2012 14:34:24 UTC



27-07-2012 14:25:48 UTC

against  lest I be tempted to use scripts to find a suitable name for when I know I’ll be fighting.