Monday, October 12, 2020

Round 5 Clucky’s Turn

Flood: Nothing happens
Contain: Rolled a 75, do not explode
Consume: Nothing happens
Shift: Presure is now 3
Extrude: Buy great platue

White - Beach, Swimmer was 8 so got 80
Brown - 2 land
black - erupt, gain 3 land at the front

Deposit: I do not deposit
Glisten: no repeating effects
Germinate: no such thing as pool dice
Vitalise: gain 8 mana, up to 198
Adjust: Perform an Adjustment as per the rule Adjustments.

Spend 50 Mana to make my brown die {2 land,4 land} (148 mana)
spend 50 mana to make my brown die {6 land} (98 mana)
spent 10 mana nine times mana to make my brown die {15 land}

roll again:

brown: 15 land
black: no effect
white: Swimmer was 25, so got 250 mana


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