Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Story Post: Royal Concern #1S

Thunder! Will you go back to the Hearts board and send Diabecko this letter? Don’t open it! he’ll know if you do since it’s wax sealed.



03-20-2018 19:18:04 UTC

oh yeah, what do you think of the white on black sticky, is it better than the blinding yellow one?


03-20-2018 21:52:34 UTC

I would go around on my toes
To find where the letter goes.
Sadly I can’t do that, I think
The letter seems to have been sabotaged by our criminal Grynk.
The seal doesn’t have the royal design
So that would be quite the sign
That someone broke in and exchanged with bad intent
the letter in order to misrepresent
your royal command.
Therefore, Grynk is the one you should reprimand.

(OOC: I’m moving as a Special Move to the left, and I know my poetry sucks).


03-23-2018 17:37:33 UTC

Grynk is submitted to punishment and their sanity becomes 1.


03-24-2018 13:45:27 UTC

(cool poetry by the way :). Didn’t suck at all)