Friday, March 23, 2018

Story Post: Royal COncern #2S

Thunder! I don’t know why I keep on picking you but I’ll do it anyway. Can you see what has happened to Grynk? I fear he’s left the kingdom after his crime.



03-23-2018 21:57:05 UTC

Which of his crimes are you referring to?
I include the theft of the proposal of the letter, seal, and your sense of capitalization (“COncern” is an obvious plot by him), but I’m assuming that his criminal history means he also stole all my nouns at my location, except for “Alice”. Of course, Grynk is standing right behind you stealing your laptop. Why don’t you ask him?
(I’m moving to the left, for areas with more nouns).


03-24-2018 12:39:27 UTC

Why I steal tables is none of your concern. Also, it’s my table so by setting your laptop upon it you are relinquishing ownership. (Can comments contain game actions?)


03-24-2018 13:48:59 UTC

An action can specifically requires a comment (like the last dynasty), but in any case nothing prevents you from explaining an action through comment.
On the other hand, you must choose a Nativity before taking any Dynastic action, and so your previous excuse is not valid ;-)...


03-25-2018 06:29:00 UTC

Wait, can I declare my nativity directly via the GNDT or do I make a story post?


03-25-2018 15:54:16 UTC



03-26-2018 22:42:06 UTC

Well I suppose that’s been 34 hours, correct me if I’m wrong. Grynk, for not having a valid comment your sanity is set to 2. Remember the rule reads “set” not “added to”.
Oh and please don’t forget to specify someone else who hasn’t been Glared at in your comment next time, I don’t think it would be considered a valid comment without that information.