Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rules for Obtaining Books (Round 0)

Here are some rules to get the tome distribution campaign started.  I will post additional rules sometime in the next 48 hours.

1)The Librarian is not a Student for the purposes of these Rules, except where it explicitly says otherwise.  (This makes sure I can’t grant myself Tomes)
2)A Tome is Available if there are more Copies of that tome than Students holding that Tome, including the Librarian.
3)There is a Tome that is the Tome of the Week.  The Librarian may occasionally change the Tome of the Week.  If the Tome of the Week is Available, any Student may acquire a copy of that Tome.

To promote paranoia and general insanity, the first Tome of the Week is the Intermediate Guide to Soul Magic.



28-11-2006 20:56:35 UTC



28-11-2006 21:35:07 UTC

Even though I’ve just arrived at the school, I’ve noticed that the previous librarian had other duties as Director, and thus was too busy to bother with bookkeeping. I’ll take the second copy of the Intermediate Guide to Soul Magic.