Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rules for Obtaining Books (Round 1)

The feeding frenzy begins… NOW!

1)The Librarian is not a Student for the purposes of these Rules, except where it explicitly says otherwise.  (This makes sure I can’t grant myself Tomes.)
2)A Tome is Available if there are more Copies of that tome than Students holding that Tome, including the Librarian.
3)There is a Tome that is the Tome of the Week.  The Librarian may occasionally change the Tome of the Week.  If the Tome of the Week is Available, any Student may acquire a copy of that Tome.
4)Whenever a Student becomes Lost as a result of the Soul Duel spell, the other Student involved in that Soul Duel may acquire an Available Tome of eir choice.
5)Whenever a Student casts a spell that lowers any Student’s sanity (including eir own) to below -100 and causes em to become Lost for that reason, the Student who cast the spell may acquire an Available Tome of eir choice.

and one promotional Rule,

6)If this Rule has never caused any Student to gain a Tome, and a proposal passes which creates a new Tome, and that proposal was not written by the Librarian, then its author gains a copy of the Book of Water if e doesn’t already have one.

Happy hunting!



30-11-2006 04:47:47 UTC

Why is this post always at the top?


30-11-2006 05:05:09 UTC

It’s Sticky.  Anyone can make a post Sticky but it’s discouraged unless the post is the most important one on the front page.


30-11-2006 08:34:56 UTC

This week’s Book of the Week happens to be the Intermediate Guide to Soul Magic. 3 more copies should be available soon… as soon as an admin can adminify the pending proposals.