Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saki Rejoins

After a rather embarassing time where Saki lost herself to the inside child faction, she realized that time away from everything was in order. Now that everything is straight, she wishes to rejoin the Nomic.

Unidle me please!


Elias IX:

26-11-2006 23:50:05 UTC

Ah! A problem. When you were idled, someone may have deleted your name from the GNDT.

What this really means is that I don’t know what your old GNDT password was.

I can assign you a new one, or you can tell me what your old one was through email.


26-11-2006 23:59:05 UTC

Hmm… I don’t remember my old GNDT password, and the e-mail console isn’t giving me permission. I’ll opt for the new password.