Friday, January 08, 2021

Schedule post 2021-01-08

Yesterday, WARTORTLE emerged from the portal and started moving towards a military target. However, pilot Coderblaze immediately engaged it. The first shot was deflected (causing Coderblaze to take damage from the Bogey’s Basilisk Eye) but the second hit true, eliminating WARTORTLE and causing Coderblaze to receive one Crown for their efforts.

Today at 17h56 new Bogey will emerge from the portal.

So I’m prevaricating over enacting Overcrowned. With this Crown the Order of the Blue Lotus can be made meritous. Players have indicated that they’re happy to continue playing this dynasty but I am aware that there are only five players, only two of which seem to be seriously pursuing victory, and those two are the ones who stand a chance of winning under the pre-Overcrowned status quo. So I’m going to leave it up to Bucky and Coderblaze: if you’re done, feel free to get yourself Promoted, otherwise enact Overcrowned and we’ll see what happens in another week or so.


Raven1207: HE/HIM

01-08-2021 12:45:01 UTC

What do I do with my 1 Power?


01-08-2021 15:04:06 UTC

Raven, you probably want to perform a emergency shutdown and get yourself a new mech in a day.


01-08-2021 15:24:20 UTC

Wow I got very lucky to hit there. I was spreading my shots in the hope of narrowing things down for a future fire post.


01-08-2021 16:16:03 UTC

We have three active players rather than two, as Raven has been shooting and, given their preferred mech config, would likely be more active in the more target-rich high tempo engame.


01-08-2021 23:48:32 UTC

At noon on January 9 I will attack BLASTOISE on attack vector 16.


01-08-2021 23:51:05 UTC

At 12:01 on January 9 I will attack BLASTOISE on attack vector 12.

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